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8 Famous Business Tycoons Success Stories

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Many people are eager to start businesses instead of joining companies as employees. This number is only increasing with time. Many people seem to waste their precious time and energy searching for magic shortcuts to achieve success. Perhaps, you may not be aware that getting to know the stories of famous business tycoons can help you derive your objectives. They are the people who had struggled in the early days, employed various types of strategies to achieve greater heights. Following them will be a wise decision to know what strategies to ignore and what to use to achieve sure success.

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8 Business Tycoons Success Stories to know

  • Don Vultaggio and John Ferolito: Both were from Brooklyn and had established a beer distributorship business during the 70s. For this, they had converted their old VW bus. On completion of two decades of ‘Snapple’, they introduced AriZona Green Tea. Presently, it is rated the most availed and distributed tea in America and across the globe. They still own this company.
  • Pierre Omidyar: A computer programmer, in 1995, had auctioned some items through his personal website named ‘AuctionWeb’. Initially, this website was promoted only as a personal project. However, with increasing web traffic, Omidyar created a business Internet account and charged fees from his visitors. All payment checks were managed by his first employee. Presently, the site’s name is eBay, one of the most popular sites on the web. He is now counted among the famous business tycoons in the world.
  • Joe Coulombe: He initially operated a small convenience store chain in Southern California. He realized that upwardly mobile college graduates are looking for something better when compared to 7-11. Thus, he derived the idea of a tropical-themed market-based in Pasadena. He employed good people, offer good salaries and stocked the place with good booze and wine. He went onto include more locations close to universities and then launched healthy foods. Such business tycoons success stories has motivated many all over the world to follow suit.

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  • Mike Evans and Matt Maloney: They both were software developers based in Chicago city engaged with apartments.com engaged on lookup apartment searches. They were no more interested to call restaurants to search for takeout food. Rather, they to find a one-stop-shop solution for food delivery. This is how they came up with GrubHub, presently valued at over $3 billion.
  • Phil Robertson: He loved duck hunting so much that he preferred it over playing NFL pro football. He patented a duck call, ran a company named Duck Commander. Presently, Willy his son is in charge of the company that spawned across merchandising and media. The redneck family is referred to as ‘Duck Dynasty’.
  • Howard Schultz: As a young marketer, Howard has visited Milan while employed with a Seattle based coffee bean roaster. This was where he developed the idea to launch upscale espresso cafes similar to the ones in Italy. He gave this idea to his employer who limited his assistance to financing Howard’s venture. Starbucks is the brand name of his business, thus making him one of the famous business tycoons in history.
  • Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak: There were both high school friends and college dropouts. They had gained lots of exposure to computers while working night shifts at Atari to develop gaming software. Ron Wayne, the 3rd Apple founder was also part of the Atari alumnus.
  • Konosuke Matsushita: He was 23 years old when he worked as an apprentice with Osaka Electric Light Co. in Japan. Although he did not have any formal education, he managed to derive a much-improved light socket. He created samples in his basement and introduced numerous electronic products and battery-powered bicycle lamps. Until 2008, his company was named Matsushita Electric and later was renamed Panasonic. Presently, it is a $66 billion company.

Getting to know business tycoons success stories can help you to derive valuable ideas and succeed in your ventures.

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