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Thursday, July 9, 2020
Home Technology 5 Smart Reasons Why You Should Shift to a Cloud Contact Centre

5 Smart Reasons Why You Should Shift to a Cloud Contact Centre

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The advancement of technology has dramatically improved communication systems throughout the years. A few decades back, phone calls were the most popular way of communicating with customers. Nowadays, communication can be made through internet calls, video calls, as well as numerous messaging platforms on social media.

The call centre industry has evolved throughout the years, adapting upon the paradigm shifts of communication to efficiently provide top-notch customer service and improve customer interaction; cloud call centre solutions are an example of this advancement.



If your business has a great deal of communicating with customers and you would want to improve customer interaction, be sure to read on as this article will discuss smart reasons on why you should shift to a cloud contact centre.

Cloud Contact Centre

1. Better Security

Security systems of cloud contact centres have greatly improved over the years, which are arguably better than on-premise contact centres.

Shifting to cloud call centre solutions is beneficial because you can rest assured that the personal information of your customers, such as credit card details and social security numbers, are perfectly safe and secure.

2. Cost-Efficient

One of the most significant benefits of shifting to a cloud-based call centre is the reduction in operating costs. This is because agents only need a computer, access to the internet, and a quality headset to work, which means you will be spending less operational expenses compared to an on-premise centre.

Furthermore, cloud-based centres can hire and manage remote agents anywhere in the globe, which means you will also save money from salary expenses because some agents charge much less compared to on-premise agents.


3. Scalability

When your business becomes more extensive, your customers will also increase, which means you will need more agents to interact and address the concerns of your future customers.

As mentioned above, a cloud-based centre can hire and manage agents remotely. With a few clicks, you can either add or remove agents in a couple of minutes. With cloud-based solutions, you can scale-up or scale-down effortlessly, saving your precious time and resources.

4. Numerous Modes of Communication

People have various preferences when it comes to communicating, which means having only one mode of communication, such as phone calls, puts your business at a disadvantage. Fortunately, cloud-based centres provide a solution to this problem.

By shifting to a cloud-based contact centre, you increase the customer’s options to communicate with you.

  • Busy customers will be able to contact you by sending you e-mails.
  • Customers who are not comfortable talking to agents by voice can raise their concerns through chat or messaging platforms. According to an article by the Social Media Examiner, messaging applications are the perfect avenue to engage with customers.
  • Customers that need quick solutions can talk to your agents through internet calls.

5. Access to Real-Time Data

cloud-based call centre


 A significant advantage of shifting to a cloud-based call centre is access to real-time data, what this means is that you can monitor your agents as they interact with your customers to ensure the excellent customer experience.

Data is then recorded, which can be reviewed by managers and used to improve the performance of agents and optimize business operations.

Making the switch to a cloud-based contact centre is one of the best decisions you can make to significantly improve your business. Provide your customers with a better communication experience while saving a ton of money today by switching to cloud call centre technology.






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