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Top Startups that Are Changing Social Media

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A startup is a small company that can grow very quickly. You can find many different startup companies with different purposes and categories. This article is going to discuss some popular startups that are changing our modern social media platform today. Many people are using the services of these popular startups. They usually leave good reviews about these tools because they come with complete features and benefits for all users. You will never regret your choice when you choose any of these popular startups. These tools will give you an incredible experience with your social media accounts.

1. Bubbly

Bubbly social media platform startups

Bubbly is one of the most popular startups that have a lot of active users today. Bubbly is a social media platform that can allow all users to create voice recordings easily. You can share your voice with your friends, followers, and family members easily. All voice recordings from this site can be accompanied by a text or picture. Bubbly currently has about 40 million users from around the world. Many sports stars and celebrities are also using this platform to interact with their fans. You will be able to find their voices in this platform easily.

2. Kenshoo

Kenshoo tool is specially created to help all marketers on the Internet. It is a powerful agile marketing software that is suitable for all users. You can use this tool for managing mobile and search marketing campaigns. Kenshoo tool will connect all user search queries on Yahoo, Bing, and Google with any advertisements on Twitter or Facebook. When using this tool, you can analyze all important data from your social media accounts. This tool can help you find the right audience for your business, so you can optimize your campaign’s performance effectively. Many small business owners are happy with the performance of Kenshoo tool.

3. Unmetric

Many brands are using this powerful startup service today. This website is going to detect the overall social engagement of your brand. When you use this tool, you can get access to its analytical tool. You can analyze your competitors and many other brand leaders in your category. Unmetric will give you complete data, so you can learn about how you can utilize your social media accounts for promoting your brands effectively. This startup company also offers real-time updates on any clients’ campaigns. You can discover more ideas by looking at what other brands are doing.

4. SocialFlow

Many people are using this tool today. It has become a famous startup in the social media category. This tool is specially created to provide complete analytics on advertising and social publishing. You will be able to use this tool to increase your brand’s visibility. SocialFlow is integrated well with any social media sites, such as Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. SocialFlow keeps growing from time to time because it has complete features for all social media users. Its smart algorithm can ensure the right content will be published at the right time.

5. Periscope

Periscope is another popular startup that offers great service for all social media users. Periscope has an intuitive interface, so it can create a comfortable experience for all users. You can get access to any live streaming videos from different users. Periscope tool can be a perfect solution for you who want to find some viral content on the Internet. You can use its search feature to find some popular keywords that are related to your business. More than 10 million users are active every month in this startup website.

6. 500px

If you want to create a stunning social media account, you should take a look at this startup. This website is specially created for those who want to share the world’s best photos. It is a photo community of photographers and their fans of beautiful shots. All users can follow specific photographers on this site, so they can see the latest images from these photographers easily. You can use any of these images for print, web, or reselling purposes. Different images have their price points. It is recommended that you start using this website to support your daily needs. All images can make your website or social media accounts look beautiful and stunning.

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