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Take a Deeper Look into the Cowboy Hat Etiquette Before You Decide to Wear It

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If you delve into the history of a cowboy hat, you will find it dated to the Mongolian horsemen back in the 13th century. However, it was John B. Stetson who invested in the conventional cowboy hat back in 1865 in North America. And that brought into light some of the essential cowboy hat-wearing etiquette.

A look into the western style will make you realize, that the cowboy hat is a staple there. And even though it’s a stunning hat that denotes grit and hard work, the cowboy hat brings much more with it. Also, when you are delving deep into the women’s western hats you will come across some rules for wearing the cowboy hat. Are you wondering about the rules? If yes, you can check the guidelines mentioned in this article. Here in this article, we have encapsulated some of the dos and don’ts that will help you to sport the cowboy hat correctly.

The guidelines for correct cowboy hat etiquette

It’s essential to know that a cowboy hat is an essential and personal item. Hence, it’s necessary to follow a set of etiquette that will help you perfect the art of wearing this hat.

While eating at any restaurant

When you are at a restaurant, here are specific rules that you need to follow:

  • Take off the hat when you are walking into any building or restaurant.
  • It’s possible to place the cowboy hat towards the head back if you are at a building that is hosting an informal event. If the occasion is formal, you should take off the hat.
  • If you are having a casual platter at the counter, it’s considered correct to wear the hat. However, if you are sitting at a table, you need to take off the hat.
  • You can keep wearing the hat when you are at the range and eating.

Wearing the hat as a symbol of respect

Hat as a symbol of respect cowboy hat etiquette

It’s essential to show respect on occasions that you should. You will come across occasions where the cowboy hat-wearing rules demand that you need to take off the hat to show your respect. These occasions or situations include:

  • When you are at an indoor wedding.
  • When you are present at the National Anthem or Pledge of Allegiance.
  • When you are attending a prayer in the church.
  • When you are part of an indoor funeral, the casket gets passed during the procession. At the time of the procession, you can hold the hat in your left hand and place the right hand atop the heart.
  • When you are seeing someone for the first time and if the individual is an elder.

Wearing the cowboy hat for the correct season

Most cowboy hats are made using fur-based straw, felt, and sometimes leather. Most people wear felt hats during winter to stay secure from dampness and cold. On the other hand, straw cowboy hats are worn during summer to stay secure from the heat and sun.

There is a style rule of wearing straw during May to Labor Day. And the felt hats got worn during the “in-between” time. However, a good practice is to decide if you must wear a straw or felt cowboy hat depending on the weather.

Managing your cowboy hat

Few people remove the cowboy hat by the brim. However, the conventional rule says that it’s best to remove the hat from the crown. So, if you want to remove the hat or manage it, you can place it down on the hat crown or you can use the hat rack. And when you manage the hat or remove the hat, irrespective of the reason, refrain from highlighting the inside part and no one should see it.

Wear a hat that fits you properly

It would help if you looked good when you were wearing a cowboy hat. Hence, if you are sporting a hat that is too loose for you, it will make you appear strange and silly. Also, there is a chance of the hat falling off from your head. On the other hand, if the hat is very small, you might appear squished and feel uncomfortable. Since people choose to wear cowboy hats while working, cleaning barns, riding horses, and carrying out other laborious tasks, it must fit you correctly. You can buy a hat that’s unshaped or shaped.

Do you want a customized look? If yes, you can opt in for the uncreased hats with an open brim. And if there is no certain crease that you want, then you can take the guidance of an expert hatmaker who can provide the hat that complements your look. It would be best to choose the hat crease before you buy and sport the hat.

These are some of the essential rules for wearing a cowboy hat. Once you know these rules, you can wear them correctly and decide your style that complements your look and persona.

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