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What Restaurant Furniture Material Should You Use?

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Strong decision-making skills are a core component of starting and running a successful restaurant because there are numerous choices that a restaurateur needs to make every day. This often results in them speeding through certain decisions because they just don’t have the emotional or intellectual bandwidth to give them extra consideration, and that can create a high probability of mistakes. The truly concerning thing about these mistakes is that they are too subtle to notice initially, but over time their erroneous nature becomes much clearer.

A process of trial and error can make any restaurateur better at choosing the right things, but it can be a costly process to take part in. It’s usually far better to educate yourself so that you can make informed decisions regarding your eatery, and this is the mindset that you should use when selecting furnishing options for your eatery. That said, this is not a catch-all solution, because the huge quantity of factors can lead to some business owners prioritizing some over others. It’s important to keep all the different factors in mind because it is only by optimizing them in unison can you feel certain that your decisions are the best ones.

Plenty of newbies in the restaurant industry make the mistake of looking for the most comfortable and plush furniture available, but this is only useful when it comes to restaurant chairs. The quality of tables that you might use is not judged by their comfort levels since no part of the human body would rest on them thereby making comfort a useless thing to think about in this regard. That’s why factoring material options into the equation is a great way to hedge your bets, as they would make the decision more sound on multiple fronts rather than any single one.

Parsing your options by categorizing them based on their materials is useful in lots of ways, the most obvious of which is that different materials have unique qualities associated with them. There are three main options that you can explore here, namely wood, metal and plastic. Each of these options have advantages that are distinct, and we will be expanding on all of them so that you have an easier time picking the one that is most beneficial.

Restaurant furniture material wood based furniture

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Starting off with wood, it’s important to mention that this is the most popular material for furniture as it is used in dining establishments. That has a lot to do with their relatively long-lasting and aesthetically appealing nature. There is also a wide range of budgets that wood furniture can help you stick to, since some woods are more expensive than others. One thing to note about wood is that it requires a fair amount of maintenance, with annual wood polish renewal and regular cleaning being necessary if you want to keep it looking spick and span.

That’s not exactly a mark in the cons column, though, because the numerous positive attributes of wood-based furniture far outweigh this ostensible negative. Anything that’s high quality needs to be taken care of, so it makes sense that this applies to your wooden tables and chairs as well. Besides, the aggregated total of maintenance time for wood is not so high that it would become a bother for you in the long run.

Moving on to metal furniture, this option is famous for being far more durable and it fulfills a different set of stylistic requirements. Metal does not need to be polished as frequently, but this shouldn’t make you leave it to the elements entirely. You should clean your metal furniture out relatively regularly as well, lest rust starts to set in. Opting for rust-free metal options can help you reduce this material’s cleaning needs, thereby making its durability advantages considerably more pronounced.

Another advantage of metal-based furniture is that it can look sleek or rustic based on what you prefer. Some metal restaurant tables can give your place a sleek and minimalist interior look, and alternatively, you can go for more ornately decorated options as well. Metal tables are also well suited to outdoor dining because you can leave them out in the rain especially if you were smart enough to buy rust-resistant variants. Since metal is a lot heavier than wood on average, you can safely leave it outdoors without stressing out about the wind knocking it over either.

Finally, it is time to talk about perhaps the most underrated option which is plastic furniture. A lot of restaurants do extremely well with plastic tables, and their main benefit is how lightweight they are. Opting for plastic helps you create a versatile and constantly evolving furniture layout. You can remove and add tables as required, and there is no chance that someone might get injured because of how easy these tables are to handle. Even more significant is the cost-benefit of acquiring a set of plastic dining furniture for your restaurant. Plastic is usually more affordable than wood or metal, so if your restaurant is strapped for cash you can avoid going over your budget by going for it.

It would be inaccurate to label any of these options as better than the other. They just serve different needs, and understanding your needs allows you to ascertain which of these variants will fulfill them to a reasonable extent. High end restaurants tend to go for metal and wood, fast food restaurants are usually best served by plastic, and there are also numerous other options such as booths that have their own set of attributes. Whatever you do, just make sure that you feel confident about the furniture you settle on.

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