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Ranking the 5 Smartest Trainers in Horse Racing

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Winning at the racetrack requires the input from three sides, not just the jockey. The horse and the trainer have a significant impact on the outcome. A good trainer relies on his knowledge and strictness to prepare the horse for the race. Different trainers will have different approaches when it comes to preparing horses.

When placing your bets on sites like BetUS, you would want to consider all factors that would impact the results. We share the top five most competent trainers in horse racing to make it easier for you.

Bob Baffert

Bob Baffert is a massive name in the industry, becoming a part of the Hall of Fame. Since 1990, he has been horse training as a quarter-horse trainer and later handled the thoroughbreds. The preakness stakes odds only confirm this. For now, Bob has trained four Preakness Stakes winners, which is one of his significant achievements. In addition, this trainer is responsible for a Kentucky Derby winner. With 37 wins last year, we can say that Baffert’s horses are worth betting on.

Todd Pletcher

Todd pletcher

With more than $61 million within three years, Todd dominates the horse training world. In 2010, he won the Kentucky Derby with his horse. In 2007, Rags to Riches won him first place in Belmont Stakes. Throughout his career, he has earned $239 million and prepared more than 3,259 winning horses.

Steve Asmussen

Steve has been in the training industry since 1986, earning a stunning $203 million in his career. However, he became one of the top figures in this area in 1999. He is known for his excellent organizational skills, as is able to manage five different tracks simultaneously. He had the honor to train Preakness Stakes’ 2007 winner. Also, he introduced a second-place horse in the Kentucky Derby in 2011. Steve is responsible for 6,431 wins and is very passionate about training.

Jerry Hollendorfer

Jerry is a horse trainer with impressive results, as well as a consistent career. For 30 years, he was a prominent name in Northern California. This horse trainer deserves to become a part of the list of smartest trainers for his consistency and dedication. He considers every detail when preparing the horses, ensuring they are ready to perfection. He is known for his vast commitment and never taking any shortcuts in executing his work. Many talk about how he works hard before the big races. The considerable dedication and effort he puts in resulted in $137 million in earnings. Jerry has 6,378 race wins in his portfolio, which is a pretty impressive number.

William Mott

William has been in the business since 1973. However, he managed to become a prominent name in horse training in 1984. Since then, he has been recognized for consistent efforts and winners. The Belmont Stakes winner in 2010 was his trainee. It is important to note that William has a strong strategy for training horses. The secret is in the discipline. Also, he believes that practice makes perfect and won’t send a horse to a race until he is entirely ready for it. Mott takes his time and doesn’t rush the horses into a race. He focuses on quality instead of quantity. While other trainers might rush the horses to race before even being fully prepared, this isn’t part of Mott’s strategy. He will never send a horse to a race that hasn’t shown that he is ready. While others might discuss his methods further, the results confirm that this is a good tactic. William has won 4,296 races in his career. Also, saying that he earned more than $213 million is enough.

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