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Top Four Video Marketing Tools for You

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Video marketing tools are on the rise. Every now and then, a new video marketing tools are launched into the market. These are useful tools for attracting more customers into your website. So, what kind of tools does your business need? Are you curious to answer this question? If yes, keep reading. Here are some of the market’s top video marketing tools you can rely on.

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Top 4 Best Video Marketing Tools 

#1 Vimeo Create

Vimeo Create video marketing tool

One of the oldest and more reliable video marketing tools in the industry would be Vimeo Create. The brand famous for its free video hosting environment. However, the brand launched a new tool called “Create” with a wide range of services. The ultimate aim of Vimeo Create is to support the customization of video templates, and to stock as many photographs as possible. If you are craving to include licensed music in your videos to add more panache and life – you need to rely on Vimeo Create.

Price: The Create tool is offered at 50 USD per month for companies or 20 USD for personal use.

#2 Wideo

Wideo video marketing tool

Wideo is an online video marketing tool. It allows users to stock footage, drag and drop graphics, and edit templates. Using Wideo is extremely easy and quick. All your videos can be optimized to match the demands of various social media platforms. When you are lost for inspiration, Wideo will lend you a hand of help. This tool comprises of many inbuilt videos that can be accessed for free!

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Price: You can use Wideo for 39 USD every month. Users can kick start with the free 7-day program.

#3 Promo.com

Promo.com Video Marketing Tool

A few years ago, Promo.com was widely known as Slidely. This solution partnered with many social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Today, Promo.com is famous for its world-class video templates. Also, the tool blends seamlessly with video marketing campaigns. Whether you want a budget calculator, or a social media calculator – Promo.com has it all.

Price: Promo.com can be obtained at a price of 39 USD per month. You will have access to all its features.

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#4 Powtoon

powtoon video marketing tool

PowToon rose to fame with many big clients like Starbucks and Coco-Cola. This is a simple tool for building stunning videos. The tool comes with many classy editing options. This video marketing tool offers a variety of styles, infographics, and animations. In fact, you will be able to model elements in live-action too.

Pricing: This video marketing tool comes at 19 USD per month. And, for professional content, you need to pay 59 USD per month.

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