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5 Industries Where Cold Calling Is An Effective Method For Landing Clients

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It would be wrong to assume that the only way to find new clients is through online marketing and social media channels. Too many companies focus on these mediums and make the mistake of overlooking the power of cold calling.

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When you are given professional guidance, such as dealership phone training, the results can be astonishingly good and prove that cold calling remains a really effective sales and marketing strategy.

Let’s take a look at some of the industries that are harnessing the power of cold calling to deliver results.

A new industry that relies on a traditional sales approach

Fintech might be a new and rapidly expanding industry, but despite its status as a cutting-edge industry, many savvy companies within the sector understand how effective cold calling is to gain new customers.

Fintech companies tend to operate primarily in the B2B sector. Financial services and technology are industries that heavily use cold calling tactics. That means fintech, which is a combination of the two, is a perfect industry in which to carry on that approach.

Legal services rely heavily on cold calling to generate leads

The legal profession is an industry that is renowned for making use of cold calling tactics.

Time is of the essence when someone has had an accident or a company has legal problems that become public knowledge.

Cold calling allows legal services companies to get to the front of the line and make contact in the quickest and most effective way possible.

Legal services rely heavily on cold calling to generate leads

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A great way of getting customers through the door for dealerships

Car dealerships know that once they can get a customer into their showroom they have an excellent opportunity to close a sale.

Cold calling is a proven way of generating interest and persuading potential customers to come and take a look or request further product details.

Consultants benefit from the personal touch

Business consulting is an industry that is very diverse and offers a wide range of different services.

One thing they tend to have in common is that the services offered often require a personal touch in the approach. Cold calling allows the sort of interaction that generates sales success in a more powerful way than a generic marketing email can.

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Software sales offer a global database to work on

The software industry is another prime example of why cold calling can be such an effective marketing strategy.

The vast majority of software products are not restricted in their appeal by geographical constraints. These products and subscription services can be sold to any size of business or type of customer. It is also of little relevance where the potential customer is located in the world.

Cold calling in the software industry has consistently delivered a great supply of leads and helps to generate an increase in revenue as a result.

Cold calls can be highly targeted. With the right pitch, this type of approach to finding new leads and attracting new customers can prove to be very cost-effective and productive.

With the right training, a sales team using cold calling can make a big difference to your bottom line.

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