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5 Content Ideas for Guest Posts: These Types of Articles Are Always in Demand

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Guest posts can help you build backlinks for your website. Writing the guest post is part of the strategy, but you’ve got to get people to read your work. To do this, you’ve got to come up with in-demand topics.

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If you rely on the best guest posting service to help you find guest posting sites, you can spend more time crafting your creative content ideas.

You use a variety of strategies to create your content, and it’s helpful to know your audience on the guest posting site. Remember you can also use Q&A tools to generate ideas, and you can search for keywords and let Google finish the query topics. Otherwise, these five ideas can help you write content that is always in demand.

Holiday Themed Posts

Holiday-themed posts are always popular with readers, especially when you create ideas that are timely and timeless. Holiday posts can be about more than Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Consider sharing creative ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your children or Memorial Day with volunteer work.

Curated and Numbered Lists

List posts draw readers in, especially when the lists are about interesting topics. Create top 10 lists about sports figures, holidays, music, or other popular culture topics to build an evergreen post. Or, build your numbered list about unique topics that are drawing attention now.

If you can connect the number to the content of the list, you can get more attention from your readers. For example, if you’re writing about the best baseball players to wear the number 9, make your list of the top nine players who wore the number 9. When you write your list, keep your language professional, but add the terms that prove you know your subject.

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How To Do X With a Limited Resource

Everyone wants to save money and accomplish their goals. You can draw an audience when you write posts about how to get the job done but with limited money and time. You can also show how you accomplish a goal using only sustainable resources.

How To Do X With a Limited Resource Guest Posts

Guest bloggers can add even more interest by crafting your how-to articles with numbered or curated lists. Don’t forget to add photos and bullet lists to make the reading easy and accessible.

Document a New Experience

Readers appreciate learning about new experiences from their favorite bloggers. If you’ve already got an audience that expects you to write about the same topics, you can change it up and create interest by covering your new experience.

For example, if you normally write about hiking through national parks, consider writing about kayaking through Black Canyon near Hoover Dam or using a stand-up paddle board to navigate through the mangroves in the Florida Keys.

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Write About Busting Myths

You can also draw interest by busting myths about popular industries. Consider what people consider the norm, then show why they are wrong. Bust popular myths about everyday items like insurance, gas prices, and exercising to get readers to pay attention.

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