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What Are Backlinks and How to Build Them for Free

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You may be eager to know What Are Backlinks & how to create them for free. They are also referred to as one-way links, incoming links or inbound links. They link one site to a page located on another site. Major search engines like Google consider backlinks ‘votes’ as crucial for a specific page. Hence, pages with a large number of backlinks will have higher organic rankings.

What Are Backlinks & its importance?

What are backlinks

They are votes from other sites. Each vote states the search engines about the content being useful, credible & valuable. Hence, more such ‘votes’ you have will mean your site will enjoy higher rankings in Google.

8 Smart ways to earn free backlinks to your site

Ways to earn free backlinks

  • Request friends for Backlinks: You can request your network to provide more free backlinks. But you need to carry it out the correct way to get better results. When making a request, add value. For instance, it could be that your new infographic provides references for House Lannister & your friends prefer ‘Game of Thrones’. This can be an amazing winning combination. Otherwise, you can have your request connected to your friend’s goal.
  • Evaluate existing Backlink profile: You need to know What Are Backlinks & other related information. If you market your site actively, it is likely to attract free backlinks from authoritative sites. You can use Monitor backlinks to find out more about the dates when you received them. If it is more than a couple of months, then you can request another one.
  • Repurpose your content: It is a tough job to create fresh, relevant & interesting content. You may not be aware that with a single content, you can derive three different backlinks! You can use content repurposing to achieve this objective. For this, you can search for crucial information about What Are Backlinks & tips to create them for free.
  • Reach out to websites & industry publications: Every site owner desires to get Fox, CNN or New York Times to write about their brand. You can also get a free backlink doing this. But the general interest publications not much focused on your niche industry. Instead, you can research on 3 to 6 publications that are relevant to your niche industry or contact the backlink agency for deriving better results.
  • Provide high-value comments on numerous sites: Although such backlinks may not qualify for SEO purposes, they can help develop a better relationship. Also, your site can experience more quality traffic. Using this approach will help to develop your network. It also allows you to indulge in guest posts later.
  • Guest appearance on Podcasts: You can discuss your site by appearing on podcasts & derive high-quality backlinks. Several podcasts are known to interview new guests. You can become a guest and help such podcasts. But you need to make some preparations in advance to derive free backlinks. Identify overlap between such areas, namely, podcast subject and 2 to 3 topics to speak about. The duration of the speech should be around 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Check out your competitors: You can get free backlink ideas by getting to know your competitors’ strategies. The thumb rule is to use Monitor Backlinks to find out your competitor’s domain. Avoid pursuing those with DA 50 & much higher backlinks unless you already have a minimum 1 high authority backlink. Alternatively, focus on your efforts on other lower DA opportunities.
  • Use Social Media profiles: Go through your social media profiles. To ensure that your URL is in the proper place. Most social networks allow your URL to be present on your main page. Posts that you publish across different platforms may include free links to your site. You can also request others to share links with your content.

Hence, getting to know What Are Backlinks & following the above tips, you can easily earn free backlinks.

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