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Tuesday, July 7, 2020
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6 Insanely Actionable Steps to Build a Content Marketing Strategy (& Execute in 2020)

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The uncontrollable popularity of content marketing didn’t help much in leveraging it as a spectacular tool to construct a healthy business that continues to flourish due to poor understanding of its use and function. 

By now you have been through many wise channels all lecturing on the need to construct top-notch content, but as Andy Crestodina says,” It is not the best content that wins. It’s the best-promoted content that wins.” 

Let’s introduce you to 6 insanely actionable content market strategies that are sure to bring you more customers, drive revenues, provide invaluable knowledge to the audience, and outshine all the existing brands leaving a mark!



This is not going to be just another random theoraticaly opinion piece but I’m putting all my experience together. I published an in-depth piece Best Laptops Under $600 recently and it didn’t take more then a week to make it to featured snippets. 

Long story short, take your pen and paper and start taking actionable notes to execute on your website or blog today.

1. Having Clear Goals from the Outset 

Knowing how contemporary businesses, big or small, have dived into the arenas of content marketing, and are fast exploiting the tactics for their benefits can be a scary thought. 70% of B2B markets now invest more at creating content than ever before.

How to save yourself from coughing and gasping while drowning in the sea of mounting pressure? The fundamental and obvious, the first thing is always to have a clear vision. 

Having a clear goal and with your destination decided no matter the path, is imperative for any journey you plan to take. What do you want with your content marketing, subscribers? Apps? Conversions? Views? Traffic? 


Seth Godin, a known entrepreneur and author with prowess marketing explains well the importance of having predefined goals,” You have the freedom to make these choices at the beginning when they’re free, fast and easy. Not later on, when you’ve made commitments to other people and yourself.”

Having a good mission statement from the beginning will help you focus on the type of audience you are aiming for, how you can catch their attention, and how this interaction is to benefit both the parties. 

2. KPI’s Help Clear the Smokescreen

You are always prudent and diligent in keeping track of the progress, targets achieved, and the leggings. The key performance indicators act as a mirror to what and how you have been working and whether what you are doing is enough or not. For instance, your KPI’s can gauge your performance in terms of:

  • Revenues generated 
  • A specific number of mentions and shares
  • More signups
  • New subscribes
  • Increased rankings 

3. Knowing Your audience Better 

With this blueprint drawn, next, you have to understand what your audience wants. Your marketing strategy should revolve around who is going to see your content, how can you retain their interest and keep them hooked, and what should guide your future endeavors.

“Actually talk to your customers. Use the language that they use. Talk about the things they talk about. Never feed salad to a lion.” – Jay Acunzo

You can divide this task into several categories, such as task, gender, education, etc. Google Analytics can help you get an insight into audience preferences. You will never be able to create compelling content unless you interact through feedbacks, reviews, using data to know which topic is there to stay forever and can evolve with time yet never get boring. 


Create Audience Personas

With data and feedbacks, you are able to get into the skin of the audience. All the information that you collect creates an avatar of the customer, which gives you a comprehensive idea of how to target your audience. You will know better about the kind of content that gets a response, what will be of help to them, and what is going to make them like your content. 

Don’t Leave Your Audience Waiting

If you wish to boost your marketing, you have to be there for your audience. You have to make sure you have to be wherever your audience is. Keeping in mind that your audience is diverse, you have to skillfully design and walk your steps. 

4. Create your Blog  

Create your Blog

If you are still mulling over the thought of whether you should go for a blog or not, its time you get one. Your blog will be your hosting platform. You will have no problems in setting up a blog as there are numerous options out there to get ready-to-use platforms or customized ones. You even have the opportunity to either get your own website or use an external domain. However, it is always wise to set up your blog, so you have the freedom and flexibility to mold it according to your liking. 

5. Publish Compelling Content to Engage and Delight your Audience

 Constant improvisation is not a bad thing. Reevaluation always helps in getting things fixed and even upgraded. You can overhaul your marketing strategy, juice up your content, and experiment with new ideas to bring in more variety and flavor to your offerings.  For example, if you are writing on laptops, you can bring in invaluable content like

  • Tips and Tricks of the various laptops
  • stories and reviews of people using any specific laptop model 
  • Upcoming models and how will they be different 

Make sure whatever you come up with is engaging, evergreen, and can be embellished with great visuals.  


6. Building and Using Email List 

“Content Marketing is useless if you are not getting it in front of the right people.” 

Nowadays, social media has become a spectacular way of spreading your content and voicing your opinions. However, content distribution requires one essential thing, Email. You get access to the emails of your subscribers. 

An Email Service Provider (ESP) helps you with sending emails, getting subscribers, and check your campaign progress. The strings of your email strategy should be attached to your business goals. Emails you can send can be about general campaigns and newsletters, direct communication with subscribers, or automated messages. 

There are so many more content marketing strategies that can help you give a push to your rankings. By now, however, you will have an idea of how things work, how and what your planning should be, and as a marketer what your thinking strategy must be. Create fresh, high-quality, and compelling content, that together with these strategies make your efforts a guaranteed success.   

Author Bio

Jeff Finder is a Digital Nomad who travels around the world and blog about technology, gadgets and specifically laptops at Laptopcut.com. He’s also an international speaker and love to persuade youth to find their voice online and make it count.

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