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Top Startups in Education

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One of the most popular sectors in today’s world is the education industry. This industry becomes very popular among many people these days. The impact of the technology on this sector is very big today. You can find many startup companies that are focusing their own companies in this education industry. These startups are creating some new interesting ways of educating. They can offer the best educational experience in today’s world. These startup companies are trying to do the best for reshaping the future of the education industry now.


Education industry


This startup company was created by Courtney William, one of the most famous Forbes contributors. He was well-inspired by the broken educational system in Brooklyn and Jamaica. His high schools were ranked among the worst in the area. Because of this reason, he tried to create a new system for improving the overall education system in his surroundings. TORSH is a company that can provide the best and most complete data platform tools and also video-based online communities for all users. Its app can be used to improve the overall observation, coaching experience, and feedback to all teachers.

2. Blackboard

This is a famous startup company in the education industry. The main goal of this app is to offer teachers with any online tools. All teachers are able to use this app for improving their overall experience as instructors in the classroom. Its platform is able to offer a complete insightful analytics system for helping all teachers and students in the classroom. This app can improve the connection between teachers and students on a personalized level. Therefore, they can work on all students’ strengths and weaknesses at the same time. All students are able to improve their learning potential by using its intelligent system.

3. Code Club

It is one of the most popular startup companies in the education industry. This is a non-profit education startup that is going to teach basic coding to all students who are about 9 to 11 years old. There are some education sessions that are offered by this startup company. Some professional computer programmers are ready to help all students learn about coding. All children are going to learn about coding skills in about 4 terms. They are going to progress from the scratch level to become a Phyton level. This startup is growing very tremendously in today’s world because many people are interested in all the great services of this company.

4. Primo Toys

Primo toys

When we are talking about the best startup company in this industry, we cannot forget about this company. Primo Toys is a famous startup company that is based in London. It has a powerful application that can teach all kids how to create any objects, learn, and also play by using its modern technology. One of the most popular products from Primo Toys company is called Cubetto, a wooden robot for supporting the education system. This robot offers maps, storybooks, and blocks that are suitable for children who are about 3 – 6 years old.

5. Piazza

This is a famous startup company that focuses its business in the education industry. This company has an online study room for all students who want to learn about their favorite subjects. This online room allows all students to ask any questions to other students or teachers anonymously. When any users endorse the answer repeatedly, this particular subject is going to be pushed to the top. This platform is specially created to help all students to get the most benefits from their learning experience. It works by serving more than thousands of schools, including Princeton, Stanford, and MIT.

6. 3Dexter

There are many students who love learning from this startup company. It has a powerful application with 3D printing ability. This platform is going to use 3D printing for education, in order to enable all students to visualize any concepts easily. This is a startup company that is based in Delhi. Its 3D printing will be a key part of the innovation system in this startup company. According to 3Dexter, 3D printing technology can be used in DIY learning and also experimenting in everyday life. There are more than 3500 participants who are happy to get involved in the learning system from 3Dexter.

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