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How To Get Insurance for G1 Drivers in Ontario

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Ontario follows a graduated licensing program. A G1 license is a preliminary license you get when you pass the program’s first stage. The advanced G2 license follows a G1 license, and finally, a G license concludes your training program. This graduate licensing program takes almost 20 months for successful completion. Continue reading to learn more about getting insurance for G1 drivers in Ontario.

However, between obtaining the G1 license and the G license, you can take five years before starting the entire process again.

You are eligible to apply for a G1 license once you’re 16 years old and successfully pass eye testing and written examinations about road traffic rules.

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After securing a G1 license, you must be excited and ready to hit the road. However, it is legally mandatory In Ontario to have insurance policy coverage irrespective of your driving license. Getting an individual policy for a G1 driver might be challenging and expensive. However, there are certain alternatives at your disposal.

Restrictions and regulations of a G1 license

Once you have cleared the preliminary test, you will need to gain driving experience for 12 months before taking the advanced test and earning the G2 license. Thus, for 12 months, you will have a G1 driving license.

G1 license for g1 drivers

However, if you complete a Ministry of Transportation-approved driving course, your G1 license period might come down to 8 months. With such courses, you can even become eligible for lower interest rates. These courses don’t just enhance your knowledge but also show your commitment to roadside safety.

Since the G1 license is a learning permit, it comes with several restrictions.

  • While driving with a G1 license, you will need to be accompanied by a G license driver in the front seat who has four years of driving experience and a blood alcohol level under 0.5%.
  • Your blood alcohol level should always be zero without any exceptions.
  • Every passenger in the car should wear a properly functioning seat belt.
  • G1 license holders are not allowed to drive between 12 a.m. and 5 a.m.
  • G1 drivers are prohibited from driving on high-speed expressways and 400 series highways.
  • Additionally, some high-speed routes are also out of limits for G1 license holders. These include:
  • Don Valley Parkway in Toronto
  • Gardiner Expressway in Toronto
  • Queen Elizabeth Way in Hamilton
  • E.C. Row Expressway in Windsor
  • Conestoga Parkway in Kitchener-Waterloo
  • In Northwestern Ontario, a G1 license holder can drive on Highways 61 and 11/7 while complying with other G1 license restrictions.

Getting insurance for G1 drivers in Ontario

Technically, there are no specific insurance requirements for G1 drivers in Ontario — their parent’s or guardian’s policy provides enough coverage to protect them.

In case a G1 driver gets involved in a collision, their parents or the vehicle owner’s insurance policy will extend the coverage. Once the G1 driver gets their independent policy, the claim can be transferred to their new auto insurance policy.

Moreover, securing independent insurance might be challenging because most insurance companies find covering someone during the probationary period risky. Therefore when you add an individual having a license under your insurance policy, inform the insurance provider.

You will also need to update the insurance company when that person earns a G2 license because the premiums might be determined accordingly.

Moreover, while covering a G1 driver in your insurance policy, you might need to pay a higher premium. In case the G1 driver violates any of the restrictions, you might not be eligible for filing an insurance claim.

If G1 gets into an accident or is found guilty of breaking traffic rules, your policy rates might also increase. G1 drivers can purchase new cars and register them under their names. However, getting insurance might still be challenging.

Frequently asked questions

Do demerit points apply to G1 drivers?

Yes. If the G1 driver can get charged for violating traffic rules and reckless driving. They can receive demerit points that remain visible on their driving record for three years.

Insurance providers generally consider demerit points while sharing a policy and will likely increase your premium when you receive your G2 license. If you receive excessive demerit points under your G1 license, you might not be eligible for receiving a G2, and your G1 can also be suspended.

Does speeding tickets and convictions during your G1 tenure affect insurance rates later?

Yes. When you receive a conviction during your G1 tenure, it remains on a record for three years. Therefore, your premiums will likely get expensive when you get your G2 license and have an independent insurance policy. At-fault accidents stay on your driving record for six years.

How can you get affordable insurance for G1 drivers in Ontario?

  • Compare policies and shop around before making the purchase.
  • Bundle your other insurance together to get a discount.
  • Sign up for loyalty discounts.
  • Talk to an insurance broker to find the correct coverage.
  • Eliminate excessive frills from your policy.
  • Enroll the G1 driver for certified training.
  • Practice good driving and maintain a clean record.

How does a G1 restriction violation impact your insurance coverage?

How does a g1 restriction violation impact your insurance coverage g1 drivers

If you are found violating G1 restrictions while driving and get into an accident, you will not be eligible for filing a claim or receiving coverage. Additionally, the primary insurance holders might find it challenging to get an affordable insurance policy during renewal. Also, the violations will remain on your record for three years.

You will most likely encounter a higher premium when you receive your G2 license and become eligible for an independent policy. Significant and repeated violations might lead to the cancellation of your G1 license.


Most insurance providers will provide a policy for G1 drivers under another qualified person’s policy. Connect with an experienced insurance broker to get quotes, compare, and find the correct insurance policy tailored to your driving requirements.

Once you qualify as a G2 driver, you can get auto insurance from the same or different provider.

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