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5 Car Gadgets You Must Buy In 2021 For A Safer Driving Experience

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A recent study reported that more people lose their lives in a car accident than in a terrorist attack. Sounds shocking, right? Thinking about car accidents itself is scary, let alone witnessing one, or being involved in one! Various factors contribute to the event of a car accident. These factors include the road infrastructure, driver and pedestrian behavior, the technological building of a car, etc. Most car accidents have been attributed to the driver’s negligence. However, some external supporting factors can make the driving experience safer for the driver and the pedestrians. Here are five car gadgets that ensure a safer driving experience:

1. Digital Tire Gauge

Measuring the tire pressure of a car at regular intervals is necessary. Low tire pressure results in the risk of the car losing its balance. This can result in an accident.

The digital tire gauge is a handy instrument that gives instant tire pressure readings. This eliminates the need to go physically for a pressure check. It provides an instant reading of the pressure and makes the task simpler.

With its use, the risk of ignoring low tire pressures can be avoided.

2. Alerting Applications

The smallest malfunction in your car can lead to a major accident. The fault can be so petty that you might not even notice it.

Various car devices, which are connected to an application on your mobile phone, are available today. These are known as alerting applications.

These devices alert you for any suspicious features in your car before each drive. It is the most user-friendly option available.

3. 360-Degree Mirror

A 360-degree mirror provides a vast view of the road to the driver. It ensures maximum sight of the surroundings. Additionally, it increases the angle of sight for the side-view mirrors.

This is a must-have while driving so that blind spots are avoided. The driver can have a smoother drive with a wide view.

4. Heads Up Display

Heads up display car gadgets

The majority of accidents happen when the driver is looking at his/her phone. Searching for directions also creates confusion and results in mishaps at times.

The heads-up display solves both of these problems. It displays on a screen, the network of roads using augmented reality. It also allows the driver to receive or make phone calls without the road screen disappearing.

5. Lane Changing Assistants

Changing lanes while driving is a big no. It causes severe risk especially if practiced on highways or fast-running roads.

Lane changing assistant devices help in alerting the driver about a lane change by him/her. They also warn if a car behind the vehicle is posing danger by changing its lane.

These assistants work on automated radars and can detect danger up to 50 meters.


The next time you sit in your car for a drive; do think about the gadgets mentioned above. These devices can make your drive a smoother and simpler task.

Not just this, they can save you and your loved ones.

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