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Understanding How Insurance Companies Determine Your Settlement Claims

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People like to go to regular health checkups to keep diseases away. But how often do you hire attorneys for your safety? Many people do not feel the need to hire an injury lawyer because they haven’t faced any unwanted situation yet.

But what will you do when you face any unforeseen condition? Are you prepared to file proper compensation claims against your insurance company? If not, the first thing you need to do is find the best Oregon car accident attorney.

Why? Well, an attorney is for life, only if you manage to find a trustworthy, genuine, and experienced one. They can help you from the accident scene until getting fair compensation for your injuries. But before that, they will make sure that you understand the car accident laws and insurance company’s terms correctly.

So, how do insurance companies determine your settlement value for any accident? Initially, they will hire a claim adjuster responsible for putting together all the relevant information about the accident.

But they are more famous for being the investigator officers for their insurance companies that determine the entire compensation claim. So, what do they exactly check? Let’s find out here:

Get Your Story

Firstly, they will find out what happened on the accident scene and be involved in the same scenario. Also, the adjuster will always be keen to know more about the policyholder’s involvement in the accident scene.

He will also talk to you directly and understand your story first before getting the report from the police. Since he can be misinterpreting a lot of information you give about the accident scene, make sure to let him deal with your attorney.

Investigate You

Proper claims databases are present that help these adjusters determine the compensation claim’s true worth. Also, it gives all your relevant information to the investigating offer. However, do note that they can utilize such data to dig up any sort of dirt on the plaintiff. So, make sure to let your attorney deal with such a person.

Request Claim Documentation

Request claim documentation settlement claims

The next thing the adjuster will do is ask for the claim documentation. In your case, let your personal injury lawyer conduct the entire communication with the adjuster. Your attorney should be determining which documents will eventually land on the adjuster’s table for your benefit.

Determine The Settlement Value

The adjuster will always consider two things:

  • Prospects of you winning the claim if you hire an experienced personal injury attorney
  • How will the jury play in the court in case of the damages borne by the plaintiff?

In layman’s terms, the adjuster will be looking at every document and calculating the overall medical expenses along with lost earnings. With such references, he will be determining the total settlement value for your case.

Final Words

The adjuster will determine the overall pain and suffering you had to endure due to the accident. Usually, the adjusters use software that can even assign a value to your actual pain and suffering.

Although your pain will always remain immeasurable, such software can help get a fair claim. To get the maximum settlement for your injuries, hiring an experienced injury lawyer can be the best option for you.

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