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7 Genius Marketing Tactics Proven to Drive Leads for Business on a Budget

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Lead generation ideas are the sourcing of sales process leads. It focuses heavily on creating awareness. Lead generation spans many businesses and multiple touchpoints. Inbound or outbound lead generation leads to more sales.

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7 Genius Marketing Tactics Proven to Drive Leads for Business on a Budget

Marketing Tactic 1- Update or create your blog

Having a website already is good. You can now use it to attract customers and build brand awareness. 

One of the best marketing tactics is blogging. It is a low-cost way of getting visitors to visit your website. It helps generate organic traffic through search engines. 

Writing or creating blogs relating to your service or product interests your customers. Post blogs on your website, it offers visitors to learn about your business and values.

Marketing Tactic 2- Sponsor local events

Knowing potential customers is mandatory to offer appropriate customer service. It means you must meet the customers and talk to them. Sponsoring local events on-site is one of the ways to help people know about your business. Supporting local events is the best tactic to promote your merchandise and to get your logo prominent. You can use this event and give some take-home options with your brand name on them. Print your logo and give pens or towels.

Sponsor local events Marketing Tactics

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Marketing Tactic 3- Update my business profile on Google

Google My Business allows sharing vital information about your business such as operation hours, address, and contact information. Google Search displays this listing; it appears in Google Maps and attracts local customers. Get started by creating a profile in Google and verifying your business. It ensures your customers find your business online. Keep your address, working hours, and website URL updated.

Marketing Tactic 4- Social media

Leveraging social media is a digital marketing strategy to promote businesses. Social media channels maximize your effort and time. Having a dedicated strategist to handle your social media account ensures good performance. They offer a tailored approach and dig into demographics, highlighting your brand. Write content and post, interact with online customers, and plan your strategy with social media calendar.

Marketing Tactic 5- Referral discounts

A discount code on referring- the a-friend program is appealing. Offering discounts on services and products is a way of establishing loyalty. It is one of the lead generation ideas, and referral discounts are small incentives highlighting your brand. The referral discounts work in and out of the store and online.

Referral discounts Marketing Tactics

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Marketing Tactic 6- Infuse customer stories in your marketing copy

Writing a marketing copy is a way of framing your business copy to give your audiences an idea about your brand. The beauty of this marketing copy is to add stories. It offers a realistic depiction and promotes a value proposition. It is one of the marketing tactics you can have on your landing page. Keep video content or a mini-documentary series; it will update any marketing medium.

Marketing Tactic 7- Run on Facebook and Instagram, coordinated ads

Reaching your prospects on social media and spending more time with them helps turn leads into customers. Running ads on Instagram and Facebook is the best digital marketing strategy. Running ads simultaneously on both can be as per your budget. You can also run for a set time the ad, keep it on set dates, and limit your budget. Look for a digital marketing strategy to work the best. They should be adept in advertising on these and other online platforms. Their aim should be focusing on customer service and gearing towards your business industry. 

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