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Five Reasons To Use Amazon DSP To Optimize Your Campaigns

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In today’s digital advertising landscape, businesses are constantly searching for powerful tools that can effectively reach their target audience and drive meaningful results. Among the myriad options available, Amazon DSP has emerged as a dominant force, providing advertisers with a comprehensive platform to maximize their advertising efforts.

With its extensive reach, advanced targeting capabilities, brand awareness development, optimization features, and valuable audience insights, Amazon DSP offers five compelling reasons why it stands as a powerful tool for advertisers.

In this article, we will delve into these reasons and explore how Amazon DSP can elevate advertising campaigns to new heights, delivering enhanced reach, relevance, and performance.

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  1. What is Amazon DSP?
  2. Types of Amazon DSP campaigns
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  4. How does Amazon DSP help you?
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What is Amazon DSP?

Amazon DSP stands for Amazon Demand-Side Platform. It is an advertising platform provided by Amazon that allows advertisers to programmatically buy display and video ad placements across various websites, apps, and devices both on and off the Amazon platform. DSPs are commonly used in the advertising industry to automate the process of buying and optimizing digital ad inventory.

With Amazon DSP, advertisers can reach Amazon customers and non-Amazon customers through a wide range of ad formats, including display, video, and audio. The platform provides access to valuable Amazon audience data, allowing advertisers to target specific demographics, interests, and behaviors to deliver more relevant ads.

Types of Amazon DSP campaigns

Amazon DSP offers a range of advertising options designed to target audiences at different stages of the customer journey. There are three main types of ads that can be created on Amazon DSP: display, video, and audio.

Types of amazon dsp campaigns advertising efforts

1. Display Advertising

Display ads are versatile and can appear in various sizes and formats. They can be displayed on desktops, mobile devices, and mobile apps across Android, Fire Tablets, and iOS devices. These ads may appear in-app, on websites, or as mobile interstitials. There are dynamic ads that automatically select the most appropriate creative based on campaign goals and user behavior. On the other hand, static ads remain the same for multiple users and are suitable for generic seasonal offers or call-to-action ads. Display ads can be in the form of banner ads, native ads, interactive content, animations, or lightbox ads. They can also include short videos.

2. Video Advertising

Video ads can be categorized into online and over-the-top (OTT) ads. Online video ads are integrated into the browsing experience and are typically placed before, during, or after the video content that users are watching, such as YouTube videos. OTT ads, on the other hand, are programmatic ads delivered through over-the-top streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video or ConnectedTV (CTV) devices such as gaming consoles or Amazon FireStick. OTT ads can be placed as pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll.

3. Audio Advertising

Audio ads enable advertisers to connect with their audience during moments when they are not actively engaged with screens. These ads target users when they are listening to music, podcasts, or audiobooks. Similar to display ads, audio ads can be either dynamic or static and can be placed before, during, or after the content.

By utilizing these different ad formats on Amazon DSP, advertisers can create targeted and engaging ad experiences across a variety of channels and platforms.

5 Reasons to use Amazon DSP campaigns

Amazon DSP advertising has experienced a significant rise, with over 60% of US advertisers using its self-service option in 2022, according to eMarketer. This surge can be attributed to several unique benefits offered by Amazon DSP. Understanding the pivotal role of an Amazon DSP agency can be the key to unlocking the full potential of your advertising endeavors. Let’s explore five of these advantages:

1. Reach a Relevant and Engaged Audience at Scale

Amazon DSP provides access to ad inventory not only on the Amazon website but also on various Amazon-owned sites and apps such as Fire TV, Audible, Twitch, and Prime Video. Additionally, it extends reach through Amazon Publisher Services and third-party exchanges, ensuring ads reach target customers wherever they spend time online. The platform leverages Amazon’s first-party data, derived from extensive shopping data, enabling advertisers to reach a larger audience with more relevant messaging.

2. Access Advanced Audience Targeting

Unlike other DSPs that rely on predicted user interests, Amazon DSP utilizes real user data based on actual search, browsing, and purchase history. This unique targeting capability allows advertisers to tailor their campaigns to users who have shown specific interests or behaviors related to their products or services. Amazon’s vast array of data, including shopping habits and engagement with various Amazon services, ensures precise targeting for advertisers.

3. Develop Brand Awareness

Amazon DSP assists in building brand awareness by continuously reminding customers about products or services throughout their customer journey. It goes beyond Amazon advertising, allowing brands to introduce themselves to potential customers on third-party platforms where they research competitor products. This exposure helps establish brand familiarity and increases trust.

4. Optimize Ad Campaigns

Amazon DSP offers easy campaign optimization options, allowing advertisers to manually or algorithmically adjust campaigns to meet specific goals. Manual optimization empowers advertisers to modify budgets, target audiences, bids, and frequency caps. Programmatic optimization automatically optimizes campaigns by dynamically adjusting budgets, selecting the best ad placements and formats, and analyzing impressions against campaign goals using extensive predictive modeling based on customers’ shopping patterns.

5. Access Audience Insights and Campaign Performance Analytics

Advertisers using Amazon DSP gain valuable audience insights and performance metrics. These insights provide crucial information about customer purchasing behavior, allowing advertisers to understand customer actions before, during, and after their campaigns. By analyzing these metrics, advertisers can optimize their campaigns in real-time and implement retargeting strategies to re-engage customers who did not complete their purchases.

Overall, the combination of reaching a relevant audience, advanced targeting capabilities, brand awareness development, optimization options, and access to audience insights and performance analytics has fueled the meteoric rise of Amazon DSP advertising.

How does Amazon DSP help you?

To expand their reach, advertisers can utilize various strategies and tools such as Data Management Platforms (DMPs), advertiser-hashed audiences, and pixels. These methods allow advertisers to tap into existing audience pools and deliver optimized and relevant ads across different devices and ad formats, ultimately enhancing campaign performance.

By leveraging DMPs, advertisers can access a wealth of data about their target audiences, enabling them to create more precise and effective ad-targeting strategies. DMPs provide valuable insights into audience behaviors, interests, and demographics, allowing advertisers to tailor their advertisements accordingly.

Advertiser-hashed audiences are another valuable resource for reaching a wider audience. By anonymizing customer data and generating unique identifiers, advertisers can target specific groups of users across various platforms and devices while maintaining privacy. This approach helps in delivering personalized and relevant ads to the right people.

Pixels, or tracking pixels, are small code snippets embedded on websites that collect data about user behavior. By implementing pixels, advertisers can gather information about audience interactions with their websites and use this data to optimize their ad campaigns. Pixels enable advertisers to retarget users who have previously shown interest in their products or services, improving relevance and increasing the likelihood of conversions.

Through these methods, advertisers can effectively extend their reach by delivering and optimizing relevant ads to their existing audiences across different ad formats and devices. This enhanced targeting and optimization contribute to improved campaign performance and better overall relevance.


Amazon DSP has emerged as a dominant force in the advertising landscape, offering advertisers a robust and comprehensive platform to reach their target audience with precision and effectiveness. With its vast reach and access to valuable first-party data, Amazon DSP allows advertisers to engage a relevant and engaged audience at scale, maximizing the potential for conversions and business growth. As the advertising industry evolves, Amazon DSP continues to empower advertisers with its unique benefits, making it a compelling choice for businesses looking to drive results and achieve their advertising objectives.

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Arishekar is a multi-faceted marketing professional with a proven track record of success in the highly competitive e-commerce industry. As the Senior Marketing Director at SellerApp, Arishekar has been instrumental in driving the growth and success of the company. With over ten years of experience in digital marketing, he has specialized in areas such as SEO, PPC, social media, and content marketing, making him a multifaceted marketing professional.

Arishekar possesses a deep understanding of the e-commerce industry and has helped numerous businesses achieve their marketing objectives. He is a creative thinker and problem, solver, consistently searching for innovative ways to engage with customers. His marketing strategies are always backed by data-driven insights, ensuring that his campaigns are highly targeted and effective.

Aside from his professional endeavors, Arishekar is also recognized as a thought leader in the e-commerce industry. He has written extensively on a wide range of topics such as marketing trends, e-commerce best practices, and customer behavior. His insights have been featured in numerous publications, establishing him as an authority in his field.

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