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6 Content Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

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There is real power in a responsive, adaptable content marketing strategy. Finding out what works well and influences positive results takes some trial and error, but it is beneficial, nonetheless. Whether you are at the beginning of this journey or looking for ways to boost a pre-existing plan of action, here are six content marketing tips for small businesses that will yield long-lasting positive results.

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Audit the Building Blocks First

A content strategy is only effective if the foundation is airtight. The business website and social media pages have to be up and running, fully functional, and closely monitored before any further plan is introduced. This requires knowledge about implementing optimization strategies so search engines and customers get what they need.

Create an Agenda

Any business move needs a narrative behind it. Clear documentation detailing the core areas being targeted, expectations, and projected outcomes is essential. This agenda will the way to favorable results. What kind of things should be included?

  • Target audience
  • Potential topics for content
  • Goalsset
  • Platforms for distribution

Incorporating a Brand

Incorporating a Brand

Your brand is arguably the most important asset to carry forward. It should exist at the heart of any content strategy and be incorporated into posts, feeds, and any other manifestations that are represented. So, in this sense, future content must be niche-centric and customer-focused. This will provide a natural arena for a brand to shine through and creates a wider scope for bespoke pieces that will invoke loyalty and engagement, and increase exposure too.

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Decide Who Will Contribute

Some companies opt for an in-house team, but it is far more common for small businesses to rely on agencies or independent freelance writers to provide their content. There are benefits to both, and the two are often crossed over in some way. An agency that provides a holistic approach to content is a strong option for small businesses trying to establish a viable way forward. They will have their own team of writers and be able to supply a fully inclusive strategy that works towards achieving all the goals and ideas in the months to come.

Learn the Basics

There are many moving parts that contribute to a successful content marketing approach. Understanding what they are makes it that much easier to achieve the desired impact. There is a lot of hype (and rightly so) about embracing SEO as a part of the wider trajectory, as this supports and facilitates optimal outputs while creating a bigger scope for content objectives to come to be realized. Getting to know the various components like backlinking, which is an important part of any SEO strategy, versus what is less important, will enable you to tailor your experience. This will ultimately maximize the impact.

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Set a Budget

Not setting a budget is a dangerous move for any small business. While you will already have a company financial plan in motion, there are plenty of advantages to creating micro-budgets as iterations within the bigger picture. These smaller focuses allow for incredibly accessible planning and ensure that anything that demands money from the main pot of funds is being managed correctly. Content marketing doesn’t have to cost a lot and is one of those things that, when it starts, should create a profitable ROI. Set out what you want to achieve and the tools that will be needed to make it so, for instance, will you be outsourcing for advice and writers, and what kind of platforms will you be using?

Content marketing is well-established as a viable way to engage customers, boost impact and improve outputs. Any small business looking to create a strategy must learn what is required, and never be afraid to outsource for a more manageable experience.

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