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Expand Your Business Through Multi-Channel Marketing

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It is quite obvious for entrepreneurs to plan of business expansion after some time. But the question is how to make positive expansions to make more sales, gain more clients as well as earn more revenue. This is a common issue experienced by majority of the entrepreneurs across all domains. Maybe you have used Google paid ads, Instagram or Facebook to get customers. Internet and advanced technology has helped introduce new multi-channel marketing strategies that you can adopt to promote your business.

What are the available Multi-channel marketing channels to expand the business?

  • In-person events: Event marketing, trade shows, putting up brand displays at a kiosk at conferences, etc. is common strategies used. In-person events allow your brand to have a face and interact with potential clients. It is a wonderful strategy that helps them to know more about your brand and what is offered. Ecommerce business can be promoted globally. You just need to have an attachable POS device or portable payment system. This way, you can make sales wherever possible. POS device by large brands like Shopify accept payments, helps manage your inventory, processes orders and access customer data, etc.
  • Mobile: About 80% of smartphone owners are found to seek information on anything using this device. Hence, your marketing optimization strategy should include mobile marketing. This has rather become a necessity with Google favoring only mobile-optimized sites. Only can your brand reflect in the search ranking pages. Hence, your website should have compelling content, readable, responsive and mobile-friendly. It should also be accessed easily on all cell phone types, sizes, software systems and browsers. You can also develop a customized mobile app for your business and offer SMS updates.
  • Podcasts, TV, Radio: Most large and medium businesses still use traditional multi channel marketing channels to promote their business. TV & Radio ads offer opportunities to advertise your products/services. Podcasts are also effective way to promote the brad, but to a targeted niche. Provide special offers relating to your business.
  • Online marketplaces: If you have started an ecommerce brand, you can sell in numerous locations, both in stores and online. But you should implement Search Engine Optimization strategies to boost your brand online and enhance customer reach. You can even promote your products over popular online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. They are visited by millions of shoppers from all over the world. They charge a small sum for their services. It does make sense to adopt them in your marketing strategy.

Expand your business through online marketplace multi-channel marketing

  • Print Ads: These are another effective strategy and can help reach targeted audience. For this, you need place the ads in appropriate magazines and newspapers, relevant to your business niche. Discuss with the editor about your advertisement, coupon or unique story. Moreover, the costs involved in promote business advertisements through this channel is much cheaper when compared to TV ads. Although full-page ads will be a bit expensive, it does offer better returns on your investment.
  • Direct Mail: You should include digital marketing in your multi channel marketing It is considered to be the modern way to advertise your business. Going the digital way is extremely profitable. Direct mail is a viable option and a cost-effective strategy. It can help target potential customers quickly. You need to send coupons, ads and vital information about your business to your potential customer’s mailbox. However, some people might consider them to be spam and simply ignore them.

Therefore, multi channel marketing channels are beneficial for to expand your business outreach. This way, you can send communicate important message to your ideal client demographic in a unique way.

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