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Brian Sheth Hires Ira Cohen, Former Morgan Stanley Investment Banker

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Brian Sheth is the founder of the Sheth Sangreal Foundation and a noted philanthropist in Austin, TX. He recently made his first headline hire with Ira Cohen, a former banker at Morgan Stanley. Cohen is expected to be a primary advisor for Sheth, both in his family office and for his many charitable pursuits.

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Brian Sheth has chosen to invest in a wide array of sectors throughout his time in finance. Cohen’s experience as a managing director in New York combined with Sheth’s instincts and expertise give his office and foundation an edge in private equity investing. As new specialties and opportunities emerge, the two professionals will work together to assess each investment’s merits before making careful decisions to maximize wealth.

Brian Sheth’s Strategy 

Brian Sheth’s Strategy  Sangreal Foundation

Sheth doesn’t necessarily make a distinction between his personal, professional, and philanthropic life. He has a systematic strategy he applies to every investment, regardless of whether he’s assessing attention or money.

After marrying Adria Sheth, the two would start the Sheth Sangreal Foundation as a way to give back to both local communities and the planet. Both Sheths are whole-heartedly committed to fighting climate change and were instrumental forces of good during COVID-19.

Part of what has made Sheth successful is spotting the opportunities that lie just beyond the problem. When he takes up a cause, he runs with it as far and as long as he can. When he contributes to a fund, charity, or program, it’s because he believes that the dollars and hours he donates will yield bigger results down the line. This is exactly how he’s managed to get ahead in the professional world.

The Sangreal Foundation in Action 

Brian Sheth has formed a number of partnerships with a variety of organizations and individuals. From NGOs to CEOs to everyday citizens, he understands that everyone will go further if they work together. Rather than make sweeping statements about protecting future generations, he looks for practical solutions that support people today and help correct mistakes of the past.

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Here are some recent local, national, and international causes that Sheth has championed, and why having the right advisor can unlock even more potential for the future:

During COVID

Many Central Texas families suffered during the pandemic beyond the social isolation and routine disruption that everyone faced. Job loss and food insecurity created undue stress on community members during an already difficult time. Brian Sheth teamed up with the CEO of the Jefferies Group to give $200,000 in matching funds to the food bank as a way to support thousands of people across more than 20 counties.

The Sangreal Foundation also matched donations to the All Together ATX fund (up to $1 million). This fund was created by the Austin Community Foundation and the United Way to help those affected during COVID, and it managed to raise $6 million. Brian Sheth would remark during this time that the effects of this devastating illness were strongest on a local level, which is why he and his foundation focused on helping those in Austin and the surrounding area.

Sheth would contribute to the Dell Children’s Medical Center in Austin during the pandemic as well. This institution welcomes children and their families for acute care and extends a variety of financial and emotional support during treatment and recovery. Over Christmas, the medical center held a virtual annual ball and highlighted the story of one of the nurses who would go on to adopt one of her patients. The Sheth Sangreal Foundation offered $250,000 in matching funds during this annual event.

Over the holiday season, Sheth would also lend a hand to the Statesman’s 22nd Season for Caring. This charitable organization provides help to deserving families in Central Texas every year, but 2020 was a special one for the staff and the people who were nominated to receive funds. Brian Sheth increased his match promise from $100,000 to $250,000 and those in Austin were more than happy to take up the charge. In fact, they gave more than $400,000 in donations for that year.

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Sheth’s Contribution to Wildlife 

From Galápagos to New Zealand, Sheth is committed to protecting wildlife around the world. He’s a major supporter of efforts to remove barriers for wildlife throughout the Pacific archipelagos in Latin America. He’s also contributed to a research initiative in New Zealand that will track right whales and learn more about how climate change is affecting their habits and habitats.

Brian Sheth is also a regular speaker at conferences for climate change. His larger goal is to inspire people to get involved in pursuits to help reverse decisions that have put our natural resources in danger. He will continue to lend his time and financial assets to environmental efforts and will look to his advisor to ensure efficiency in his many philanthropic endeavors.

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