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Greener Homes in New Zealand

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New Zealand has a reputation for being one of the greenest – both literally and figuratively – places on the planet. With climate change is in everyone’s minds, you can make the country even greener with a few changes in your home.

Go Solar

Solar panels

Solar panels are getting more efficient and cheaper by the day. A residential solar power system might seem like a costly investment, but they pay for themselves (in electricity cost savings) within 5-10 years. An 8-kW system that is capable of providing all of your house’s energy needs and send excess into the grid now only costs NZ$ 20,000. It will eliminate your monthly electricity costs and even earn you rebates for the extra electricity you send to the grid.

Solar panels can operate for 25-35 years without losing significant efficiency, and with average electricity costs at $200, they would have paid for themselves thrice over by then. While New Zealand’s power grid is relatively green compared to most countries, it still relies on fossil fuels for 20 percent of its power productions. Going solar reduces the strain on the grid and reduces your indirect consumption of fossil fuels.

Drive an Electric Car

Drive an electric car new zealand

New Zealand is one of the few places in the world where driving an electric car makes sense. Australia, the UK, and the USA rely heavily on fossil fuels for electricity, making electric cars (indirectly) fossil-powered. The majority of New Zealand’s power comes from hydroelectric plants, geothermal plants, and wind farms. Electric cars not only makes more sense; they’re also getting better. Electric vehicles (EVs) outperform gas-guzzlers in every category except mileage.

EVs have smoother acceleration and deceleration. They are faster and handle better. Unless your daily travels require a full tank’s worth of 500 kilometers, an electric car’s 150-300 kilometer mileage should be enough. EVs keep city roads free of both noise and air pollution. Their operation contributes zero carbon and greenhouse gas emissions. Together with a solar power system, you can reduce an EV’s fuel cost to a minimum or even eliminate it.

Manage your Wastewater

Water safety has become a unifying issue in the country, with 80 percent of residents prioritizing it over healthcare and the cost of living. New Zealand’s rivers and lakes are dying, and it’s not entirely the fault of dairy farmers. The majority of water pollutants come from urban centers, and residential sewage runoffs are as much to blame as the dairy industry. Manage your wastewater with a secondary treatment option separate from your septic tank.

Submersible sewage pump suppliers can help you send effluent from your septic tank to an on-site treatment system, which ensures that nitrogen gets released into the air instead of going into the water. Suppliers and contractors of wastewater treatment systems are readily available, and the modifications to your septic tank should take no more than a week or two to install.

Make your home reflect New Zealand’s reputation. Go green today. It’s not as costly as you would expect, especially if you’re fighting climate change.

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