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Benefits of Custom Sheet Fabrication for the Medical Industry

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Studies show that fabricated metals are the third largest manufacturing industry in the US in terms of employment, with about 9,000 job openings created over a decade.

Custom sheet fabrication is vital for the medical industry. The industry uses tools with specific functionalities. This customized process uses a fabricator to create such non-standard medical equipment, catering to the unique needs of the healthcare industry. Here are some benefits of custom sheet metal fabrication for the healthcare system:


Customized medical equipment

Some medical procedures cannot use standard metal tools. The healthcare sector can utilize this fabrication method to create customized medical equipment, like tools and hospital beds. You can choose the material and design according to your needs. You can also be specific concerning the size and calibration. Hospital beds are very helpful in relieving pain because they can be adjusted to any position that is comfortable for you. These beds are more comfortable than normal beds. These beds have the capability of reclining in all positions. You can easily raise the upper and lower parts according to your comfort.

For instance, system-level control solutions use automated products involving sensitive sensors and switches. With this customized fabrication technique, you can design tools calibrated to the required dimensions.

Compatibility with Other Devices

A customized sheet metal molds into a shape and size that is compatible with an array of specific hardware. On the other hand, a generic design not tailor-made for a particular machine may not be compatible.

For example, you use a sanitation chamber for a medical manufacturing process with a dimension of 12” x 36”. The medical parts tray with dimensions close to these specifications would be the best option to improve the efficiency of the total number of parts sanitized per load.

Enhanced Precision

Essential medical devices

Modern medical procedures offer better results owing to the use of customized equipment at every level of diagnosis. Essential medical devices like MRIs, ultrasounds, and CTs are the products of the custom sheet fabrication industry. The industry offers state-of-the-art procedures, guaranteeing the required dimensions.

The sheet metal has a low weight-to-thickness ratio, making it easy to shape and move. It is bendable and feasible to be recut, allowing maximum flexibility during the design phase. Such features will enable you to calibrate the equipment to the needed precision.

Usually, the modern fabrication techniques from Edmonds Laser Cutting Services streamline the procedure, reducing several stages of securing precision for the required number of tools. Moreover, the sheet metal is easily repairable, making it a practical choice in an ever-evolving industry like medicine.


The latest computer-aided procedures suffice for custom sheet metal fabricators to develop the exact required design within a tight timeframe. Starting from initial drafting to final product delivery, the fabrication process today is more agile than ever before.

Expediting the production time saves money, and you can stay one step ahead of competitors with faster delivery. Further, the custom fabrication process allows redesigning to incorporate last-minute changes, even if production has commenced. Besides, sheet metal is one of the cheapest materials available for production.


Sheet metal costs less, yet it is incredibly reliable and durable. Further, it is heat- and corrosion-resistant. You can create products that will remain durable over a long period of time.

For instance, ablation systems use tools from these fabrication processes that involve destroying abnormal tissue using heat.

With these benefits, it is evident that custom sheet metal fabrication is a trusted and cost-effective option to create highly precise modern tools for the medical industry.

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