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Business Security 101: 3 Tips And Tools To Tighten Workplace Security

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Securing the workplace or business premises should be one of the aspects business owners must prioritize; whether it’s a commercial establishment or an office for consulting company, security is paramount.

For one, your employees and clients should feel secure and confident they’re safe from threats whenever they’re within your business premises. Moreover, you also have to safeguard critical business data and customer personal information to run your operations. This is critical since should such information get into the wrong hands, a lot of harm could happen to your business and clients, not forgetting the possibility of lawsuits.

Hence, in this post, we’ll outline ways to ensure the safety and security of your business workplace.

1. Invest In Security System

Tightening your workplace security starts with the measures you implement. Therefore, it’s crucial to invest in a solid security system and tools that can strengthen the safety and security of your business premises.

Here are some of the essential tools you can equip your business with:

1. Locking System

Your business starts right from the door of your building. And so, having secure entrance and exit points is perhaps one of the best lines of defense you can have. And besides points of entry or exit, you could also add locks on other parts of the building to limit access to restricted areas.

As you make your choice, ensure the lock is tamper-proof, so unauthorized parties can’t pick it up. And while the main point of adding locks is to restrict access, ensure that the system you install can still allow employees and other people inside the area to move and exit in case of emergencies.

It can also be an added advantage if the locking system is a smart one, where access is keyless. Entry can be via biometrics, security codes, or employee ID. And for doors that lead to areas holding sensitive data, consider adopting two locking systems. For instance, having both code and biometric access.

Locking system biometric access

Essentially, there are different locking systems you can use. But it can be helpful to work with a locksmith to assist you with the selection process. You can also check websites like https://locksmithplusinc.com/everett-wa/ to know your options and how to start.

2. Surveillance and Alarm Systems

These systems are another essential arsenal in tightening workplace security. Surveillance tools like CCTV cameras can help monitor activities happening within the vicinity. You can easily take the necessary measures as soon as you notice any suspicious movements. And in some cases, the mere presence of surveillance cameras can discourage intruders and burglars. More importantly, it can also come in handy since it can record footages that can be helpful during investigations should a theft incident happen.

On the other hand, alarms can immediately signal and alert everyone on the business premises about a threat, which can be helpful in notifying employees about the incident. However, it’s also essential that your employees are trained in what to do next, so they can protect themselves and the business.

2. Hire Security Personnel

Even with a reliable and efficient security system in place, hiring security personnel to complement such tools is also crucial. This team can help monitor your premises inside and outside and prevent possible break-ins. They’ll also do security checks at the main entrance to prevent entry by unauthorized persons.

As you hire a security company, ensure they’re well trained in the field and have the credentials to back their experience. Take the time to interview them, too, to get to know more about their experience, especially since you need to trust them and know how honest and trustworthy they are. Don’t skip running a background check and checking for references to know more about how they work.

3. Train Your Employees

Another essential tool that can help tighten the security of the workplace is your employees. An informed and empowered staff is more likely to be prepared should there be a security threat. With that in mind, it’s crucial to conduct training and seminars about security protocols in the workplace, from securing sensitive information to allowing visitors inside the premises.

For example, even with the presence of security systems and personnel, there could be an instance wherein internal employees could be responsible for security breaches, whether unintentional or intentional. To counter this, you can restrict employees’ access to rooms containing sensitive documents. You could also do the same when securing digital assets.

You could also implement guidelines for other individuals visiting the workplace. For visitors, the security team will require them to have badges or passes before being granted entry to the premises.


Your business’s workplace security is an essential component in running your operations to ensure the welfare of your employees and clients while being on your property. While safety and security threats are inevitable, there are various ways you can tighten your security measures and protect everyone inside your premises.

The insights and discussion above can be a good start towards promoting the best security practices in the workplace.

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