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5 Important Things You Must Know About CCTV Cameras

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Searching for the right CCTV camera system can become overwhelming. If you are thinking about installing CCTV cameras, you should hire companies like Birch Tech, as they provide high-quality service.

A large number of available options and advanced technical jargon play an important role in making an informed decision.

This long-term purchase may leave you disappointed if you end up with the wrong system.

Moreover, you will also have to consider the categories of available security cameras for your home. For instance, if you have a commercial space, it is crucial to invest in the commercial-grade category of security cameras. This type of surveillance camera protects their inventory and warehouses. Every consumer electronics retailer or warehouse commonly uses the white dome-style CCTV camera system, which is larger and different from average consumer CCTV cameras.

With so many available options and every brand promising the highest security and maximum features, how do you decide which one is the best? Certain factors can help you understand the credibility and benefits of the CCTV camera system you choose. Here’s everything you should look for in a CCTV camera for home and personal use.

Types of Storage Options for CCTV Cameras:

Some CCTV cameras have SD card slots, while others depend on high internal storage limits. With the advancement of CCTV technology today, most CCTV cameras are one-camera systems in themselves. Most of them have microSD card slots that users can use to add or expand their storage space. You can upgrade several CCTV cameras available in India to as much as 128GB. However, several reputed home security solution providers like Godrej have introduced subscription-based cloud storage options with Godrej Spotlight cameras, where the footage is uploaded to the cloud that users can access by using the internet. This feature omits any worries related to storage.

Pan and Tilt Features:

Pan and tilt features cctv cameras

Today, the newest CCTV cameras can rotate over 180 degrees, both vertically and horizontally. The vertical rotation is known as panning, and the vertical movement is known as tilting. Some cameras can rotate about 360 degrees, while others can be remotely operated using specific mobile apps created specifically for them. Therefore, to monitor large sections of a room or external area, CCTV panning and tilting features are essential.

CCTV camera resolution:

Since the primary purpose of a CCTV camera for a home is to monitor the area, visual quality is one of the most important factors to consider. The top CCTV camera systems today showcase visuals at a resolution of 720p or 1080p. The common perception is that a higher resolution will mean a higher-quality picture. However, this also means the high-quality image will require more space for storage. If the camera system you choose has larger internal storage, an HD-ready camera is a great idea. However, filling an internal hard drive can be easy.

Some CCTV cameras come with an overwriting feature that automatically erases the microSD storage once it is full and ensures continuous recording to overcome this problem. The downside here is that it could cause issues by losing recorded data. A 1080p camera recording for an entire day takes up approximately 38GB of space. With that in mind, measure the camera’s resolution and the storage you will need. Make sure you look at the storage, image quality, and video data backup time together instead of just the visual quality.

Audio and motion sensors:

Motion sensors are an integral part of smart security cameras.

Motion sensor-equipped cameras face lower adoption rates in India compared to non-motion sensor cameras because of their relatively higher price points.

However, they are what CCTV cameras will look like in the future. Sound and motion detection helps the CCTV camera system recognize and notify owners about any unusual sounds or movements using the dedicated mobile application.

If your budget allows it and you are looking for a top-end security system to keep your home or office secure, choose one with audio and motion sensors. It will give you your money’s worth.

Installation and Setup:

A wireless CCTV camera is typically the easiest to set up and install since minimal hardware and wiring are required. How complex or easy the installation process is may depend on the mounting and positioning needed. Cameras with sticky pads or magnetic bases are simpler to mount, but screwed-in CCTV camera systems are more reliable in the long term.

Cameras with a high angle of panning and tilting might not need too much accuracy while positioning. Simply mounting them above a table or in one corner of the room could be enough. Some CCTV system suppliers in India provide free installation with every purchase. The best ones will also give you the additional accessories required.

Make sure you choose the right home CCTV system or door camera with a screen for the highest level of security.

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