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4 Ideas to Take Your Startup to the Next Level

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Successfully Turning Your Initial Startup Idea Into A Reality Is Nothing Short Of Brilliant. Yet, Don’t Let That Success Get To Your Head. You Need To Keep Pushing And Discover New Frontiers For Your Startup To Expand. After All, You Don’t Want To Stay As A Startup Forever, You’ll Want To Transition Into A Fully-fledged Business Someday And, In Order To Do That, You Need To Up Your Game To The Next Level. So, Here Are Four Ideas That Will Help You Achieve Just That:



1. Update Your Technology

Due To Their Nature, Startups Are Pretty Understaffed For Most Of The Time. So, Finding A Solution To This Problem Could Set You Up For A Potential Expansion. Likewise, Technology Is Just One Of Those Things That Can Help You Save Both Time And Money By Cutting Your Overall Workload In Half. Today, You Have It Support Companies Which You Can Employ To Outsource Some Of That Workload, Instead Of Simply Wasting Funds On Paying Full-time In-house Employees To Do The Same. Next, Open-source Software, Such As Redmine For Project Management, Thunderbird For Sorting E-mails, And Mozilla Firefox For Web Browsing, Are Invaluable Tools For Startups And Should Not Be Overlooked. Not Only Are They Completely Free, But You Can Tailor Them To Your Specific Needs By Further Customizing Them. In Addition To Being Easy To Integrate Into Your Business, They Offer Some Added Stability As Bug Fixes Are Rather Frequent Due To Their Huge Popularity And A High Level Of Continued Support.


2. Improve Client Communication

Quality Customer Service Is The Foundation Of Any Serious Business Out There. Without It, All Of Your Marketing Efforts Will Be In Vain Due To That Bad Reputation Weighing You Down. Additionally, You Could Also Be Losing Out On A Lot Of Potential Deals If You Don’t Manage To Process All Of Your Clients’ Calls On Time. So, In Order To Avoid Such Costly Communication Breakdowns, You Need To Up Your Communications Game. As An Example, Investing In A Proper Phone System Will Not Only Let You Stay In Touch With All Of Your Clients, But It Will Also Enhance Their Customer Experience. Personalizing Their Experience Is The Thing That Sets You Apart From The Competition, Thus You Want To Work On That As Much As Possible. If You’re Unsure Which Phone System Is Most Optimal For Your Particular Business, Then You Should Consult With An Expert, Such As The Team At Business Telecom, To Provide You With Their Expertise And Experience On Such Matters.


3. Employ Milestones

Startup Founders Are Known To Be Visionaries And, As Such, They Often Get Carried Away By Dreams Of Grandeur Before Actually Making It To The Finish Line First. Don’t Get Me Wrong, It’s Great To Plan Ahead, But Keeping A Solid Mix Of Both Short-term And Long-term Plans Is Essential For Growing And Expanding Your Business ‘Empire’. Therefore, You Need To Adopt A More Goal-oriented Approach By Employing Milestones Into Your Business Strategy. They Are An Excellent Way Of Setting Objectives For Your Business, For Example, 10,000 Followers On Twitter, 1,000 Products Sold, 1 Year Anniversary Of Your Startup And So On. It’s Important To Note Here That Once You’ve Successfully Completed A Milestone You Need To Create A New One To Take Its Place, Otherwise You Risk Running Out Of Steam Half-way Into The Race, And That Loss Of forwarding Momentum Could End Up Losing You The Game.


4. Invest In Your Employees

A Startup Isn’t Just The Product Or The Idea Behind It, It’s Also Composed Of The People Working On That Project Behind The Scenes. Your Employees Are The Backbone Of Your Startup And Without Them, It Would All Quickly Fall Apart. Thus, You Need To Work On Your Employee Retention Strategies In Order To Keep Them Fully Motivated And As Happy As Possible. One Way Of Doing This Is By Expanding Their Skillsets With Some Additional Training. It’s A Win-win Kind Of Scenario Where You Get To Teach Them New Skills And Further Motivate Them By Breaking The Monotony Of Their Daily Work Routines. This Way, You’ll Create A Highly Versatile Team To Cover All Of The Roles Without The Need To Employ Additional Staff. What’s More, This Will Reduce Your Employee Turnover Rates And Save You The Trouble Of Finding Proper Replacements For Them As Well. Besides, Re-training Old Loyal Employees, Who Know Your Business Inside Out, Into New Positions Is More Cost Efficient Than Training Completely New Ones.


All In All, The Gist Of It Is: You Want To Build A Solid Foundation Out Of Your Startup So You Can Build And Expand Your Business On Top Of That. Without A Proper Infrastructure, Your Business Won’t Hold Water And Will Fall On Itself. Therefore, Proper Investments In Your Communications Systems, Employees, And Technology Will Help Your Startup Grow Exponentially.

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