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Gifting Season – Time to Reward Your Employees

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Any time during the year is a good moment to show appreciation for your employees and give out rewards. However, the holiday season is well underway and this is a good time as any to start giving gifts. Your employees will enjoy the attention and the fact that you’re willing to reward them for their hard work, even if the gifts are just small and thoughtful tokens.

The holiday season is the time when company-wide morale improves and when everyone is happy because they look forward to receiving gifts from Secret Santa, as well as getting a few days off work. The fact of the matter is that the happier your employees are, the more productive they’ll be. Rewards or gifts are always a good way to make employees happy and the types of gifts you’ll hand out are entirely up to you. Looking forward to finding the best way to say thank you? Well, keep reading.

The vintage taste

Let’s be honest here, it’s no secret that some hard working employees like to have a drink every now and then, in order to reduce stress levels. That’s all well and fine, but every organization undoubtedly has that one enthusiast that prefers wine over all else. Do you wonder why? Because they can drink wine whenever they want without anyone bothering them – and who can blame them? It’s considered classy.

In fact, no one will ask you “why the hell are you drinking at 1 pm?” if you’re holding a glass of fine wine. If you have a hard-working oenophile among your employees, treat them with a nice bottle of wine. Even if your employees don’t prefer it, a bottle of wine is always a nice gift.

High caffeine levels

Today’s society lives and thrives on coffee. It’s the essence of life which gives us the necessary fuel to get through the day. You won’t go wrong if you give your employees a gift card for their favorite coffee place. In addition, coffee mugs or espresso cups can also serve as a great gift for coffee lovers. Don’t worry, you’ll notice coffee lovers: they are the employees that look tired but are always a bit jittery.

The main reason so many people love coffee is that it reduces fatigue and drowsiness. It also helps us improve reaction time, wakefulness, motor coordination, and concentration – all thanks to its main component – caffeine. However, more sophisticated members of society prefer to drink tea and claim it does the same to them as coffee – they could be lying, but who knows. In that case, get those folks some tea or tea gift cards.

Let them choose

Many employers will hold back when having to give out rewards or gifts, because they’re uncertain about what their employees want, or they’re uncertain if the employees will like what they get. If that’s the case, there’s a solution that will make everyone happy. Simply allow them to choose their own gift.

You heard it right, a memorable prepaid visa card gift is the perfect reward when you don’t want to disappoint an employee and you have no clue what to give them. That way your employees can pick whatever gift they want without having to go to the bank. Also, you’ll still remain a thoughtful boss and you won’t have to worry that you gave out something useless.

Battery recharge

The technology has made significant progress over the years and now every man, woman and child have a smartphone they stare at all day. Don’t try to pretend you don’t know employees glance at it every now and then and update their Facebook status. Also, you’ve surely noticed the terror on their faces when their battery goes dead.

Save yourself the spike in electricity bills and make your employees happy by giving them a portable power bank that will allow them to recharge their mobile devices on the go. Smartphones became an essential part of our everyday lives, there’s no denying it. Therefore, don’t be a grumpy boss that will ban mobile devices from the office.

The largest gummy bear

Oh come on, everyone likes candy, especially during the holiday season. Besides, who wouldn’t like a 5lb, 6000 calorie gummy bear that comes in 10 different flavors? Even your cholesterol won’t mind a bit of loving every now and then.

Aside from looking cool and tasting great, an employee can munch on this beast throughout the entire holiday season, or slice it up like a cake and share it with coworkers. Needless to say, an equivalent of 1,400 regular gummy bears is bound to make some of your employees happy this holiday season.

The gifting season is always a good time to connect with employees, show your appreciation and reward them for all the work they’ve done the previous year. There’s no limit to your imagination when deciding on the right gifts for your employees. After all, if you take care of your employees you’ll have an effective, loyal and productive workforce.

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