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What Industries Are Female Dominating & Running More Businesses?

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With time & raising awareness, women entrepreneurs have been achieving success in various spheres including business. The prevailing job market shows enhanced participation among women. These days, there are not only looking for jobs but also entrepreneurial activities in diverse domains. Some have even managed to leave a strong mark on their respective industries. Well educated & skilled women are also found to be taking over certain jobs that were once reserved for men only. Besides getting higher pay, they justify their role & also dominate it.

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5 female dominated industries

1. Education sector:

Female Teacher

Females for ages have been dominating the teaching field & hold leadership positions. Studies conducted recently have shown a significant increase in male candidates applying in this sector. However, their presence is limited, with the women occupying 75% of the positions. Women also seem to make notable accomplishments in the educational field. They are extremely dedicated & work towards uplifting the society as a whole. Women entrepreneurs can be said to have taken the center stage here.

2. Social & Healthcare sector:

Women are considered to have caring nature & the typical caretaker of their families. Studies have revealed that women can counsel & talk to others better & help people in need. They are shown as a motherly figure and play an important role in the healthcare & social sector. These sectors witness women being very high numbers. Women here, play the role of a home healthcare provider, child care provider & community health worker, health expert, etc. The social sector also has women playing different roles especially in private agencies, schools, hospitals, human service agencies, etc.

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3. Human resource:

Human resource

Female workers are also increasing significantly in the corporate world showing women empowerment. They can be noticed in diverse departments like marketing, finance, IT, sales, etc. But one department completely dominated by women is the human resource. 60% of all HR positions are held by women across diverse industries. The reason is that, they do have excellent people skills, something crucial to become a result-oriented HR manager. They are sensitive & have excellent multitasking & communication skills.

4. Non-profit sector:

The world although has reached the modern age still suffers from several major issues. These are a lack of better & easy access to education, food & healthcare services. Women are launching non-profit organizations to come up with effective solutions & help people at large. They cater to the growing needs of the thousands of poor & the needy across the globe, thus creating a significant impact on society. The non-profit sector is one that witnesses women occupying 75% of the working force. They are dedicating their precious time, effort & money towards creating such organizations to achieve significant changes.

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5. Customer service:

Customer service

Women are good in people management than men. They stay calm to tackle all kinds of situations when men at times tend to overreact or get violent. Moreover, women are known for their patience, telephonic & problem-solving skills, empathy & listening skills. Some innate talents present in them are what allow them to perform this job with great ease. Researches conducted have claimed that women’s brains readily signal empathy when compared to men. This means they can effortlessly understand other’s emotions & feelings.

Besides the above five mentioned, there are female-dominated industries which include PR Job, Marketing Job, Accounts & Finance Jobs, Hospitality & Catering Jobs,

Dietitians & Nutritionists Job Services. Women across the globe are slowly coming out of their shells. With proper empowerment, they can contribute significantly to society. They also exhibit some innate strength like collaboration, communication & creativity, thus increasing their effectiveness at work. They also seem to manage leadership positions well with their unique talent, attitude & skills.

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