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Roles and Responsibilities of a Manager in an Organization

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Organizations need to hire experienced & qualified managers in key positions. Managers can shape their team culture & the workplace in various ways. The Roles and Responsibilities of a Manager is to undertake leadership & administrative related tasks. To be successful, they need to possess certain skills. However, you may be faced with a question as to what is the exact roles and responsibilities of a Manager. Getting correct answers to this question becomes crucial if you are planning to hire one for your organization.

Manager Roles and Responsibilities in the Organization

Organizations are considered to be hierarchies of titles. It is important to set up a proper company structure or organizational chart including responsibilities & relationships. This should be from the top to the bottom of the hierarchy and include the CEO, VP, Director and Managers. They are expected to carry out critical and separate functions, ensuring that the organization functions as planned. They should also enable the organization to make profits & meet its obligations.

Vice Presidents & the CEO tend to focus more on coming out with visionary ideas, strategies, overall coordination & investments. But managers are required to be involved directly with staff serving customers, selling & producing services or goods. It can also be offering internal support to various departments within the organization.

Manager duties

The manager bridges the gap between the senior management & employees down the order. He/she is expected to translate higher-level goals & strategies and make it operational to drive business. The duties also involve guiding front-line employees & keeping them motivated all the time. He/she is also accountable to senior executives for all assigned tasks.

Manager duties roles and responsibilities


If you have ever visited a circus, then you are sure to have seen the ‘plate spinner’. The performer keeps a breakable plate on a small stick & spins it. This task is performed several times & does not allow even a single plate to fall on the floor. The objective is to keep all plates continuously spinning.

The manager’s role to a certain extent is quite similar to that of the plate spinner. The five key responsibilities of a manager include the following:

1. Developing, motivating & coaching existing employees

2. Hiring/staffing/training new employees

3. Supporting decision-making & problem resolution

4. Goal-setting & planning for future periods

5. Converting corporate goals & objectives into individual & functional goals.

The other functions include:

1. Monitor & provide senior management with scorecard results.

2. Monitor & control budgets & expenses.

3. Monitor performance as well as initiate proper action to ensure better results.

4. Conduct timely employee performance checks & evaluations.

5. Dealing with terminations & performance problems

The manager is also required to carry out a group or one-on-one interaction regularly, focusing on operations. They need to check their emails, update task lists & complete all reports on time.


Generally, the manager can hire as well as fire an employee, promote or discipline them. This is noticed more in small companies, but taking the support of the HR staff. But in large companies, their authority is limited to recommend the next management level with certain actions to be taken. The manager can also change the team members’ work assignments as & when deemed necessary. It is commonly witnessed in both small & large organizations.


Therefore, when hiring a manager, you need to be aware of the responsibilities & Role of a Manager. The experienced manager will understand his/her role very clearly & take care of the team & their performance. They also strive hard to adopt the above-mentioned skills & support their team to enhance their performance.

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