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Why Studio Apartment Is A Good Investment?

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Are you an investor? Do you plan to purchase a new house soon? It is a wise decision to get a studio apartment. Investors can benefit from studio apartments’ cheaper purchase costs, high demand from various tenant groups, and potential for increased rental income & returns.

Studio apartments are essentially single big units with a bedroom, eating area, and living space. It also has a tiny kitchen and bathroom that are linked.

The lack of walls between the various rooms in the house allows the resident to move easily while performing everyday tasks. The small space also has the benefit of making decluttering simple. Studio apartments’ offer of minimalism attracts millennials. Their little belongings and appliances also make moving easier for them.

The phrase “buying a property to make a profit” is not new to us and has shaped our history from the beginning.

This article clarifies what a studio apartment is and its benefits.

What is a Studio Apartment?

The studio apartment trend, which initially took up in the West and is now spreading to India, refers to small, independent residences. These living areas include a living room and dining area, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a bedroom. Many first-time investors prefer studio apartments over other types of homes because they are easier to maintain and manage.

Because they are often simpler to maintain and declutter, Bangalore studio apartment are a popular investment choice for young owners. These apartment units are simpler possibilities for real estate investments because they offer affordable living quarters that are often priced lower and are budget-friendly.

Due to the high demand for studio apartments, owners can earn substantial rental incomes from these properties. These homes offer the ideal residential setting for an individual or young couple on the move because of work commitments.

Because of the lesser available space, studio flats have lower maintenance fees than typical apartment units. A studio apartment is a sensible investment since it offers high returns on minimal capital.

What to Consider When Buying a Studio Apartment?


Accessibility is something a potential buyer would look at whether you’re trying to rent out or sell the property. Those looking for a residence close to their place of employment will look for a studio apartment for rent in Bangalore or any other work-driven city, so if you’re buying a home, make sure the area is in a central position.


Security of the area and the property is crucial because most individuals who rent or buy studio apartments are young and frequently away from home. There are also properties with common areas constructed as fire escapes, and the property is always under monitoring.


Smaller space renters and buyers probably have a fast-paced, hectic lifestyle. They should be able to relax when they get home and invite their friends over.

Particularly the young people living in studio apartments prefer a healthy lifestyle. It is why the extras that come with studio apartments can not only make up for the smaller area but also serve as a major selling point when you decide to resell the home.

When you wish to sell the property, amenities like a jogging track, children’s play area, fully-stocked gyms, and a swimming pool provide you with an advantage.

Benefits of Buying a Studio Apartment:

Benefits of buying a studio apartment good investment

Excellent Resale Value

A studio apartment is simple and demanding to resell. You can sell studio apartments quickly when you need to.


Ideally, a smaller room would cost less money. The studio home designs are fairly small, yet they still include all the amenities a young homeowner would need. Anyone wishing to invest in a city house in a lower price range will find this suitable.

Rental Income

The finest options for generating rental incomes are studio apartments. Homes that provide them privacy and security and are located in a gated community are becoming increasingly popular. Being close to the workplace is a bonus. All of these are available in studio flats, along with less hassle.

High Tax Benefits

A home loan will undoubtedly support you with a tax deduction. When you purchase a home for less than Rs. 45 lakh, also the home loan interest component is further reduced by Rs. 1.50 lakh.

Lower Interest Rates

The RBI has reduced the repo rate to a five-year low of 5.40 percent, prompting banks to review and lower home loan interest rates. Home loan interest rates currently range from 8.30 to 9 percent. Banks occasionally give discounts while maintaining lower interest rates to increase sales.


Bangalore has always been a superior investment location because of its rapid economic growth. It has been a preferred choice for many experts because it is home to numerous large IT organizations and many start-ups. Since they believe making an EMI is preferable to paying rent, many young investors are also searching for affordable flats.

Even if they relocate outside the city, they may still rent it out and get consistent income. Purchasing an apartment is always preferable to buying a piece of land or a standalone home because it is safer and offers far more opportunities.

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