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What You Can Do to Free Your Mind from a Fixed Mindset

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Often you may want to experiment with doing new things, thus pushing yourself into unexplored territory. You may even consider sticking with whatever you know and adopting Risk-taking Culture to achieve success in your business or career. Asking yourself some questions will help reveal your mindset.

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Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

Individuals having the fixed type of mindset assume to have been born with some talent or perhaps nothing. They may be good at something and consider intelligence as some fixed trait. Their belief is that success is determined by inborn talent. But those with a growth mindset value effort as it helps nurture talent. It is possible for anyone to do anything by developing their abilities. It is possible by devising the right strategy, perseverance, and dedication. Fixed type people validate themselves while growth mindset people try to develop themselves.

Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset

3-step process to follow to change the mindset

Self-awareness is perhaps the initial and foremost key to developing a growth mindset and better Empowerment. Identify potential situations that could trigger a fixed type of mindset. Observe your position. Four steps offered to change your mindset are as follows:

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1. Take out time to listen to your fixed type of mindset ‘voice’:

When approaching any new challenge, your voice might say many things. It can be about you failing in the task or whether you have the capability to do it. In case you come across an obstacle, your voice might question your talent or perhaps told the task was extremely risky. When faced with criticism, your voice might interpret it in different ways. It can be like something that is not your fault or why that person is always finding fault in you. Your inner voice undermines your actions. Your inner critic judges you and your work. A fixed type of mindset is considered to be the inner saboteur and harms your Investment Ecosystem in the process. On realizing having this type of mindset, this voice can be expected in advance. Listen inwardly to hear it.

2. Realize having a choice:

Such voices can be interpreted in two ways, namely setbacks and challenges. Criticism shows that you possess the desired ability and fixed talent. Maybe it indicates a sign of having to challenge yourself, upgrade efforts, and introduce changes in your strategies to develop. All such aspects show you having a fixed type of mindset while the latter boosts development. You should shift away from a fixed (judgment) framework to an area of development. It will help bolster your Investment Ecosystem.

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3. Having a development mindset voice, talk back to your voice:

While approaching any challenge, your fixed type of mindset might say if you are really interested to do it. Your voice might even say that you might not have the desired talent to undertake the task. On the other hand, your growth mindset replies differently. It says you are unsure at this point of time and perhaps you may learn it by putting in effort and time. Fixed one says you will only end up becoming a failure if you fail in this project. But the growth mindset supports you by saying that successful people have experienced failures before achieving success. Thus, the latter provides Empowerment. If you experience a setback, your fixed mind says that if you had the necessary talent, the work could be completed quickly. But growth mindset claims that any task requires putting in lots of time, effort and passion to learn it which you can do. It motivates you to adopt Risk-taking Culture.

It is high time you did away with your Fixed Mindset and developed a growth mindset. The latter can help you to achieve tremendous success in your endeavors.

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