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Best Alternative Investments

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Alternative investments are rising in popularity as individuals seek diverse ways to grow their assets. While stocks, bonds, and cash remain mainstream choices, a new breed of investment platforms is presenting opportunities that were once reserved for the elite. Let’s delve into some of the best alternative investments in the market.

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Masterworks Alternative Investments

Masterworks has positioned itself as a bridge for art lovers and investors alike to delve into the exclusive world of fine art. This alternative investment platform has democratized access to the high-value art market by introducing fractional ownership. Instead of having to commit vast sums of money to own a piece of art outright, individuals can now invest in portions of these artworks, making art investment accessible to a broader audience. This approach aligns perfectly with the interests of art enthusiasts who may wish to diversify their investment portfolios while remaining connected to their passion for art.

In 2021, validating its innovative approach, Masterworks secured a significant $110 million in Series A funding, elevating the platform’s valuation to over $1 billion. This achievement underscores the potential and trust investors place in the platform.

  • Target Audience: Perfect for art enthusiasts.
  • Unique Proposition: Fractional ownership means you can own a share of a multi-million dollar artwork without breaking the bank.



FarmTogether offers an innovative approach for individuals seeking to diversify their investment portfolios. It allows direct investment into agricultural land, which has proven its worth as an enduring asset throughout history. For individuals intrigued by the farming industry, FarmTogether is an appealing option. They present an unmatched value proposition by offering direct land ownership, potentially delivering consistent yields from crops and the appreciation of land value over time.

The investment is not just about returns; it’s also about sustaining the future. By focusing on sustainable farming practices, FarmTogether reinforces its commitment to the planet’s long-term health. As global populations rise and the demand for food increases, investments in farmland will likely play a crucial role in addressing future challenges.

  • Target Audience: Suitable for those intrigued by agricultural ventures.
  • Unique Proposition: Direct ownership in farmland, providing potential steady returns from crop yields and land appreciation.

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Yieldstreet is an avant-garde platform in the financial world that provides an assortment of the best alternative investments, diverging from the typical offerings of stocks and bonds. Such alternative investments are renowned for their uniqueness in terms of liquidity, where they can’t be swiftly converted into cash, setting them apart from traditional investments. Yieldstreet’s offerings span a wide array, encompassing sectors like real estate, commercial, legal, art, marine, and supply chain finance asset classes.

This broad spectrum of offerings makes it a magnet for those looking to spread their investments across various terrains. Yieldstreet’s core belief rests on taking alternative investments mainstream, intending to bridge the gaping chasm that retail investors face when choosing between low yields in savings accounts and unpredictable stock market adventures. The discerning investment strategy, thorough vetting process, and dedication to offering quality assets underscore Yieldstreet’s commitment to enabling even non-accredited investors to venture into realms typically reserved for the financially elite.

  • Target Audience: Best for individual investors wanting to tap into alternative asset classes.
  • Unique Proposition: Access high-yield opportunities that were typically available only to high net-worth investors



Vinovest has uniquely positioned itself as the “investment sommelier”, blending the world of fine wines with investment opportunities. For investors looking for diverse portfolio options, Vinovest provides tiered investment strategies ranging from conservative to more balanced approaches. A distinguishing feature of the company is the Vinovest marketplace that offers the buying and selling of individual bottles, stored and owned by Vinovest investors.

Moreover, Vinovest ensures the impeccable care of the wines by storing them in bonded facilities across various countries. This strategy allows the wines to bypass customs and evade certain taxes while ensuring they are 100% insured to their market value. Investors can also opt to have their wines shipped to them, subject to certain conditions, allowing for both an appreciation in value and personal enjoyment.

  • Target Audience: Tailored for wine aficionados.
  • Unique Proposition: Invest in luxury wines and capitalize on their potential long-term returns.

Alto IRA

Alto IRA, a proactive player in the finance sector, aspires to revolutionize the conventional Individual Retirement Account (IRA) landscape by incorporating alternative investments. By opting for Alto IRA, individuals get the opportunity to broaden their retirement savings horizon, moving beyond the typical stocks and bonds to more diverse options.

The company caters predominantly to individuals desiring to infuse diversity into their IRA, offering options for both accredited and non-accredited investors. This approach makes Alto IRA stand out, as it provides an avenue to previously untapped asset classes. These range from crypto, which has witnessed a surge in popularity, to tangible assets such as artwork and real estate. What further enhances Alto IRA’s appeal is the flexibility it grants its users. Investors can customize their IRA portfolios to match their financial aspirations and risk appetite.

  • Target Audience: Those looking to add variety to their IRA.
  • Unique Proposition: Offers an array of alternative investments, opening doors to previously inaccessible asset classes.

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Best Alternative Investments: Final Thoughts

These platforms represent the forefront of the best alternative investments, catering to specific niches while democratizing access to assets that were once out of reach for most. Whether you’re an art lover, a wine enthusiast, or someone looking to diversify their retirement savings, there’s likely a platform tailored for you.

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