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What Is A Sales Funnel? Sales Funnel Stages To Improve Online Business

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A sales funnel business strategy is a process that involves various processes. These processes may include advertising, blogging, copywriting, SMS marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), retargeting, conversion rate optimization (CRO), social media outreach, email campaigns,  split-testing, and/or other strategies.

Complicated? Yes, absolutely.

But, thankfully, we have the tools we need to get us there. Even better, a lot of those tools are tailored to each stage of the sales funnel technique.

The solutions you should use at each stage are listed below.

Stage 1: Awareness is the first stage.

When customers somehow become familiar with the product or services, the stage of the process is termed “awareness.” They may have heard about you through advertisements, social networking sites, or word-of-mouth.

Of course, why and how the target audience goes down the sales pipeline is determined by your marketing and sales abilities. As they have progressed from recognition to interest, the prospects in the mid and bottom sales funnel phases are the ones you should pay the most emphasis to it.

The target audience discovering about your organization is an instance of the initial or the awareness stage. Maybe they saw a few of your advertisements, viewed your weblog, discovered your site through a Search engine, or overheard a coworker discussing your service or product.

Stage 2: Attractiveness

Potential buyers will judge your business depending on their degree of enthusiasm once they’ve learned about it. They’ll consider the problem they’re seeking to address and undertake competitive research to ensure that your answer is the finest. You can use social media outreach strategy to attract new customers.

Stage 3: Making a decision

Making a decision sales funnel

The target audience will delve further into your price and packaging alternatives after they have more knowledge about your organization. In this stage, sales websites, seminars, and phone calls can assist persuade customers to buy.

Stage 4: Taking Action

This is where all of your efforts culminate: whether or not the client initiates a purchase. Even if they didn’t, the transaction isn’t eternally gone. You may use nurturing efforts to keep your name in front of people’s minds. We recommend you use the social media outreach strategy.

How To Build A Sales Process For The Company?

To have a sales funnel, you must first have customers who really can walk through it. Once you have these prospects, you can use contact directly to track their activity and interaction to figure out when they’re in the funnels.

To assist you in creating a sales pipeline, follow these five steps:

1. Create A Landing Page First.

Customers will most probably find out about the company through a homepage. They’ll arrive on a homepage if they clicked on an ad, join up for a seminar, or purchase an ebook.

Create a landing page first sales funnel

2. Make A Valuable Offer

This is the point where you must provide something in exchange for your prospects’ email addresses. A lead magnet, such as an e-book or pamphlet, is a good method to give your home page visitors something useful.

3. Begin To Nurture

Your customers will have progressed from the Initial moment to the Engagement stage at this time. You may also construct an email nurturing series to deliver instructional information about your business since you have all of their email accounts from the homepage.

4. Offer an upsell

You want to give anything that might influence customers towards making a purchase choice as they progress into the Decision – making stage.

5. Maintain the momentum

You’ll likely acquire new clients or learn why customers aren’t keen to buy in the Executing phase. In any case, keep the lines of communication open.


These are some of the top steps that would help you to improve your business via a comprehensive business strategy. Sales funnel business strategy always helps in improving sales revenue greatly.

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