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What are The Changes in Influencer Marketing from PR Strategy to Media Strategy?

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You may want to know why Influencer Marketing is currently being given importance. Also, why it should included in long-term media strategy! Previously, different forms of advertisements and marketing strategies worked to promote a business. But things have changed recently especially with the advent of social media platforms. There have arisen a large number of people with a huge fan following in their niche domain. They are termed to be influencers. They are rather those who have been churning out beautifully crafted content exclusively for brands. Thus, they support brands to communicate easily and effectively with mainstream media. It includes positive spin, sound bites, press releases, etc.

Reaching Target Audience

This type of marketing presently is said to have a greater clout. The reason is because it tends to target individual customer categories like for example, moms, men and millennial. It also helps drive revenue. Besides producing media content, they also directly engage with end consumers. Thus, they play a vital role to help brands connect with their target customers quickly and efficiently.

Reasons for their popularity

1. Influencers have become expert communicators:

Influencers, these days are considered to be excellent communication channels. They offer value service and assure sales against payment. They help brands to have a better and more effective Online Presence, thus boosting revenue. Initially, this form or marketing was unpaid as people considered it as PR-focused and not media-focused. However, with time, each influencer is termed to be a popular media channel that has to be adequately compensated

2. Changed tremendously:

In its nascent stage, this form of marketing was regarded to be more of a public relations exercise. Back in 2006, Winfrey was a great influencer in the U.S. She hosted ‘Oprah Winfrey Show’. She distributed about 276 Pontiac cars to her studio audience members but did not get any payment for her endorsement. The car brand did increase sales. But things have changed as of now where influencers are paid huge to promote brands, be it small or big. This is indeed a part of Digital marketing.

3. More marketers need to connect with Influencers:

More marketers need to connect with influencers media strategy

Online Presence is vital for every brand. Hence, companies in today’s technological age should use influencers to boost their products/services. It also helps create awareness of the existence of their brands. 28% of PR managers have healthy relationships with influencers. With this marketing form shifting to media from PR strategy, more marketers are expected to connect with exceptional content producers. The truth is it has the ability to deliver the desired results. For each dollar spent, the returns obtained are $9.60. It also ensures 37% higher retention rate, unlike other marketing forms.

4. Thought leaders:

Digital marketing is the in-thing these days and influencers are in high demand. Influencer marketing is seen as part of media strategy. On the other hand, influencers are viewed as media outlet. The reason is content creators act like any journalist or anchor. They persuade, entertain and inform their audience about something crucial. They also share their opinions and thoughts regularly on radio programs and news shows. Influencers of today are considered to be leaders and not mere specialists.

Selecting the right one

But not all of them are known to advertise services or products. For instance, Autoblog covers automobile industry similar to some straightforward news site. Many promote brand messages among their Target Audience through their content. Moreover, every influencer is knows to work in their own niche. Hence, it becomes essential to identify the right one among the lot who can best represent the brand. It is essential to choose influencers having the ability to produce original, authentic stories and incorporate the brand smartly.

Need for this form of marketing

Hence, Influencer Marketing needs to be included in the media as long-term strategy. It helps derive benefits with one major one being targeting niche audiences.

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