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What are the Best Payment Gateways?

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Payments should be seamless, swift, and easy, and that’s what the best payment platforms offer. Providing a great, easy-to-use interface and functionalities in apps and websites is important for every e-commerce store. This will not only lead to increased trust in your brand but will also increase sales and customer engagement. But with so many payment gateway providers available, choosing the right one for your business may be tricky. Not to worry, this article brings you the best payment gateways for a seamless transaction.

How does a payment platform work?

First, the customer selects the products or services they wish to buy, adds to the cart, and proceeds to the payment platform. Here, the customer is asked to provide credit or debit card details. The details will include a 16-digit card number, CCV number, expiry date, and cardholder’s name.

After submitting the information, the data is passed to the payment gateway through a secure channel, usually based on the type of integration. Next, the payment gateway encrypts the card details and subjects them to a security check before sending the card data to the receiving bank.

The receiving bank then sends the data to the card schemes (either MasterCard, Visa, Maestro Card, etc.) through a secure channel. The card scheme subjects the data to an additional security check before sending the payment data to the issuing bank.

The issuing bank approves the transaction after running a fraud check. A message (bearing approved or declined status) is then sent back to the bank from the same card scheme and, from there, to the person who initiated the transaction.

If the transaction is successful, the acquirer collects the payment and deposits it in the merchant’s account.

Best Payment Gateways

Here are some of the best payment gateways available:

1. PayPal

Paypal payment

PayPal is a top-rated payment gateway provider designed to help businesses and clients send and receive payments without revealing their financial details. With just your email address, you can send and receive payment anywhere in the world. It offers support for credit cards, including Citibank, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and so on. Like most payment gateways, PayPal adheres to PCI compliance.

2. Amazon Pay

Amazon pay payment

Amazon Pay is an eCommerce payment platform designed to help Amazon shoppers and merchants send and receive payments. Amazon is safe, easy, and fast and is available in 8 countries, with more to come soon.

There are two packages available: the pay with Amazon available for merchants and the login and pay package for shoppers. The payment gateway has amazing tools and features to ensure a smooth shopping experience.

3. Skrill


Skrill is another popular payment gateway designed to meet modern payment demands. The payment platform commenced in 2001 and has grown to have many top companies as its client.

Skrill is available worldwide and supports more than 30 different currencies, thus enabling customers to buy products and services from anywhere they are. The payment platform has been recognized by top companies, including B2B EGP Award, Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award, and many others.

4. Stripe


Stripe is a cloud eCommerce platform that manages online payments from across the globe. It offers excellent features such as embeddable checkout, UI toolkit, consolidated reports, etc.

The robust payment gateway ensures a smooth transaction by connecting your business to its application interface, helping you prevent fraud, manage revenue, and increase sales. It also features an open API that helps with business integration.

5. 2Checkout


2Checkout is an American-based payment gateway provider which helps businesses with online payments. The payment platform has many features, including local payment options to help customers and merchants streamline their payment process.

The universal payment gateways support eight different payment methods, 87 different currencies, and 15 languages from across the globe. 2Checkout is reliable and safe, with over 50,000 clients.

Final Thought

There you have it, the top payment gateways available. Choose any platform listed in this article for easy, swift, and convenient transactions. Your customers will be happier for it.

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