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Do I Need to Hire an Accident Attorney?

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Every person that drives a vehicle understands that there are risks and the potential of a motor vehicle accident is high. This makes it vitally important for every driver to pay attention and follow all the laws and rules surrounding operating a motor vehicle.

Unfortunately, not everyone takes this responsibility seriously. Distractions and reckless driving often cause accidents. There are even those who drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. These accidents can lead to expensive damages, serious injuries, or even death.

How to report reckless driving online? To report reckless driving online, visit the local law enforcement website or the department of motor vehicles website for your area and look for a section on reporting reckless driving. Fill out the provided form with as much detail as possible, including the date, time, location, and a description of the reckless driving behavior observed.

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Compensation for an Accident

When an accident occurs due to a driver’s negligence or recklessness, that driver should be held responsible for all the costs and losses related to the accident. This process can be confusing and difficult, especially when dealing with an injury. The injured party needs to determine if hiring an accident attorney is the best option for them.

An attorney can assist in filing a claim and dealing with the insurance company. They can also help gather information needed to pursue a claim. An attorney can also assist in taking the case to court if needed. This help can allow the injured person the time needed to focus on their recovery without the added difficulties related to an accident case.

A person injured in a car accident will need medical care. Just the immediate medical costs can be hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on the severity of the injury. Any further care or treatments can raise that cost tremendously. Lost wages due to the injury, as well as pain and suffering, are also factored into the costs of the injury. All these costs should be paid for by the at-fault driver.

What to do After an Accident

When an accident occurs, the first step should be to contact emergency services to get medical treatment for any injuries. It is important to get checked out as soon as possible. There are many injuries that may seem minor at first but can become serious issues if not treated right away.

One of the most commonly missed injuries is a head injury. If there is any possibility that a person may have hit their head during an accident, it is important to get checked out. Sometimes, the person may feel fine immediately after the accident. However, the signs of a concussion or other brain issues may not be apparent right away.

Internal bleeding is another problem that may not be apparent immediately after an accident. The immediate shock and disorientation after an accident can often leave a person unaware of how badly they are injured. Having a medical professional check, the person out could be a lifesaving effort.

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Back and neck injuries are other common injuries that often do not even show any symptoms until hours or even days after the accident. At the first sign of pain or soreness, it is a good idea to get the problem checked out.

Not only does putting off getting medical care put a person’s recovery at risk, it can also make it more difficult for the person to get compensation for that injury. Each state has its own laws on the timeframe that medical care must be received. In addition, an insurance company can use the delay as a justification for not paying the medical costs.

The Insurance Company

In the U.S., there are approximately 6 million car accidents every year. Each year, 3 million people are injured in car accidents. In most of these situations, it is the insurance companies that pay for the damages and injuries.

Unfortunately, insurance companies are for-profit businesses. To keep their profits high, they must keep their payouts as low as possible. Often, an insurance company will deny legitimate claims or offer a very low settlement that will not cover the expenses caused by the accident.

This can be very frustrating and difficult to navigate for most people. Many injured people accept the low offer from the insurance company simply because they feel they have no other choice. This can leave the brunt of the medical costs on their shoulders.

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An attorney can help in these situations. They understand the laws surrounding car accidents and can help ensure the injured person’s rights are protected throughout the process. In many cases, an insurance company will offer higher settlements simply because the injured party has an attorney on the case.

How an Attorney Can Help

From the very beginning of the process, an attorney can provide valuable assistance with a car accident injury. Their legal team can offer advice to help individuals determine the odds and value of their case during an initial consultation.

An attorney can assist in gathering information and talking to witnesses of the accident. An attorney can also help to deal with the insurance company. They can speak directly with them on behalf of their client to ensure that the victim’s rights are protected throughout the conversation.

An attorney can assist in negotiations with the insurance company to get fair compensation for the injury. If an agreement cannot be reached, an attorney can assist in taking the case to court. When the case goes to court, the attorney can obtain expert witnesses to prove the case to the judge and jury.

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Get Help from an Attorney with No Risk

It is always in the best interest of an individual injured in an accident to at least talk to an attorney. These consultations are usually free and can provide a plethora of information that can help with the claim. The attorney can help to determine a rough estimate of how much the case is worth.

Many individuals may feel that hiring an attorney is too expensive. This is not the case, especially when serious injuries are involved. Most attorneys offer free consultations and do not charge anything until the claim is paid either in a settlement or through the courts.

When injured in a car accident, the individual should be able to focus on their recovery. Unfortunately, many people spend weeks or even months fighting with the insurance company to get compensation. With the help of an attorney, more time can be spent on getting better and returning to a normal life.

Although an attorney is not necessary for pursuing a car accident case, it can be very beneficial. Injured parties tend to get higher compensation and have their medical costs covered when they have an attorney on their side.

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