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Understand Facebook Algorithm in 2022 for Page Promotion

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The Facebook algorithm determines which posts people can see when they check their Facebook feed. Aside from ranking and arranging posts in descending and non-chronological order of interest for each individual Facebook user, the algorithm helps see what is relevant to them.

However, instead of publishing posts in chronological order, the feature presents posts and ads in order of relevance to users. However, you should post every day to widen the scope of your reach.

To beat the Facebook algorithm and improve engagement for your page, you should buy facebook page likes and prioritize not only sharing quality content but also paying attention to analytics. This will inform your marketing strategy and unlock more opportunities for your brand.

Today, the number of monthly Facebook users stands at 2.9 billion. With over 200 million businesses using Facebook Worldwide to grow their businesses, it shouldn’t surprise you that the number of advertisers on Facebook has been growing by double digits over the years.
Here are a few tips on how to use the Facebook algorithm to promote your page.
Audience Engagement

The Facebook algorithm gives priority to posts from pages that users may have interacted with. This means replying to comments in real time is critical in fueling engagement.
Once you reply promptly to comments, users feel appreciated which makes it easy for them to stay active on your Facebook page. As a consequence, the activity signals Facebook algorithm which encourages further engagement.

Use Facebook Stories

Stories Live and Reels are new facebook features that have taken the facebook community by storm. These features are easily visible in tabs at the top of your feed above all the other content.

Unlike text-based approaches on other social media platforms, Reels has grown in popularity since it comes with great features that lets users create and share video content.
Therefore if you are looking for ways you can spice up your content strategy, it’s high time you consider reels to get discovered in the social space. Aside from helping you get discovered and ranked by Facebook’s algorithm, Reels comes with features that increase the chances of getting discovered on facebook.

User Engagement

User engagement facebook algorithm

Facebook algorithm values content shared by users and friends. All you need is to send a signal to enable people to discuss your content and share with their friends. Once a post attracts tons of conversations, facebook’s algorithm flags the post and shows it to the user again.

You can boost user engagement on Facebook by asking a poll question to entice your followers to participate and share your content. Another way is to hold games, such as a trivia quiz or challenge. With creativity, you can make your Facebook marketing campaign more engaging to increase your follower and customer bases.

The bottom line is that you should create content that resonates with the target audience in order to encourage more discussion and improve the potential of improving brand visibility in the social space.

Focus on Status Posts

Even though video content is effective in boosting engagement, a post that has no photo or video link can be ideal for bumping up engagement on your Facebook page. Typically, status posts are likely to attract more engagement compared to links, photos, and videos.
Besides fueling engagement,a simple status post has the ability to turn around your marketing strategy and encourage more discussion about your brand on a Facebook page. This means you should try to avoid long and complicated posts and share short and clear posts that can easily capture the attention of the target audience and drive a conversation.

Use Close Friends to Widen Your Reach

To fast-track your marketing strategy on Facebook, you should invest time and effort in growing your reach through staff or close friends. In fact, using employees and friends as brand advocates can easily give authority and credibility to the Facebook algorithm compared to your page. This is because they have a more close and credible relationship with their network compared to random Facebook followers.

If you have employees, you can use them as brand ambassadors to market your brand and expand your reach. Alternatively, you can use affiliates to build your brand and expand your reach. All you need is to provide them with relevant training and resources to expand their audience through their Facebook algorithm signals.

Just like website reviews, the more people talk positively about your brand the more you are likely to attract more credible followers. The same applies to Facebook’s algorithms.
The more people talk and share information related to your brand, the higher the chances of fueling more engagement. This is because close friends and employees are likely to share positive and valuable content that is ideal for growth.

In that regard, converting close friends and employees to your brand ambassadors has a positive impact on your Facebook algorithm compared to targeting complete strangers who may have no idea about your brand.

Don’t Manipulate Facebook Algorithm

The worst mistake you can make is trying to manipulate Facebook’s algorithm to suit your needs. You simply need to create valuable content that resonates with the target audience in order to send positive ranking signals to the algorithm.

Such mistakes may involve using black-hat strategies to manipulate reach, and paying for engagement or comments, among other means. While the strategy may help fast-track growth, Facebook is likely to flag this as spam thereby increasing the chances of being banned.
Generally, Facebook’s algorithms use a number of factors to rank content. This includes who posted it, interactions with the post, and type of content. In that case, if you interact more with videos, you are likely to come across more video content on your Facebook feed. The same applies to photos and text content.

However, your feed will give more priority to posts with a lot of engagement, especially with the majority of people you interact with. Eventually, each post is ranked based on these factors to determine where it appears in your feed.

Alternatively, you can customize your Facebook feed based on favorites and in-feed options. You should therefore avoid manipulating Facebook’s algorithms since it does that automatically based on various parameters.

Understand Your Audience’s Needs

Facebook prioritizes content that is not only meaningful but also informative. This means getting to understand what resonates well with the target audience is critical in elevating the status of your page on Facebook’s algorithms.

In short, you should focus on stories that will excite users and make it easy for them to share with their friends or new content that users may find informative. In the long run, you stand a chance to expand your reach and unlock more opportunities for your brand.

Therefore you should try to understand the unique interests and behavior of your target market. As such, you need to carry out thorough audience research to roll out your promotional campaigns from an informed point of view.

Notably, you should share content that conforms with Facebook standards. If not then the social platform may easily remove or limit your reach based on the type of content you share.

One way to understand and address the needs of your audience is by providing them with self-help tools, such as sharing social media buttons. You can share your Facebook URL more creatively in your website content to capture the attention of your target audience. With this tool, visitors can quickly share your content on their social media pages in just a click.  

A Facebook share URL button with a customized design can match your brand to improve the user experience and boost your website traffic. You can insert the tool into your website’s header section or wherever you want it to appear. 

For instance, you can include an inline Facebook share button below an article headline or any specific location on your landing page. Another way to do it is to include a sticky Facebook share button on a fixed screen area, like the side, to remain visible for quick use.


Understanding the Facebook algorithm lets you roll out your advertising and content strategy from an informed point of view. To achieve better results, you must first understand what your audience needs. That way, you will be able to execute marketing campaigns that best suit the interests of your target market.

Remember, posts that people perceive as genuine are likely to rank higher on Facebook feeds compared to those flooded with spam, sensational, and misleading information.

To signal to Facebook’s algorithm that your content is genuine, authentic, and accurate, you have to not only share correct information but also tell the truth and avoid sharing inaccurate information. That way, you stand a chance to get more views and comments for your posts on various Facebook groups.

If you are wondering With slightly over 200 million businesses using Facebook to promote their brands,

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