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Top Websites for Online Learning Something New!

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Whether it is a new skill or knowledge you wish to learn – the online industry is never short of courses and materials. When it comes to learning from the internet, you have plenty of websites to choose from. However, some websites are much more intuitive and apt for sharing knowledge. With this being said, here are some of the best online learning websites for gaining more knowledge.

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coursera online learning

Coursera has partnered with a dozen universities around the United States. This website is known for its comprehensive programs. Currently, the website focuses on ten unique specializations. These are professional courses that are linked to academic programs at the universities.

Key benefits: the website is absolutely free. And, even when there is paid content, the materials are affordable. Content in this online learning platform is true of high quality.


Lynda online learning

Lynda is not used only by Individuals. The online learning portal is also used by companies. Some claim that Linda is quite similar to Netflix. With 80,000 different learning videos, Lynda has something for everyone. On paying its nominal subscription fee of 25 USD, you will have access to a sea of learning materials.



Udemy online learning

Do you know that Udemy adds nearly 800 courses every month? When compared to its rivals, Udemy is definitely expensive. However, it is worth your time and money. Some courses can cost you around 400 to 500 USD! Yet, a lot of people (especially professionals) tend to find these courses very useful.

Before you enroll for a Udemy course, don’t forget to read the reviews. Previous candidates will help you understand the pros and cons of the training videos.


udacity online learning

Next in line would be Udacity. This learning portal’s primary focus is on technology. It maintains a collection of carefully chosen courses. Facebook and Salesforce have contributed exhaustively to the site’s science programs. Doesn’t it sound amazing? You will be able to learn from the industry leaders themselves.

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Khan academy 

Khan Academy online learning

The Khan Academy is a non-profit institution with many interesting online courses. This online platform is famous for its micro-lectures. In the site, you will come across a variety of videos, text and audio files. Math, science, and economics are the main subjects in this online learning platform. You will also come across a few materials on computer programming.

If you want to get a taste of a subject before going deeper into it – khan academy is where you should head.

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