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Monday, July 13, 2020
Home Career Top Free Online Robotic Courses to Choose From!

Top Free Online Robotic Courses to Choose From!

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The demand for skilled robotic engineers is on the rise! And, this situation is not going to change in the upcoming years. More and more companies are investing in robotics and artificial intelligence. This is why robotics is a great place to invest your time and effort.

A study that was conducted in the year 2018 revealed that robotics is one of the topmost areas for job opportunities.

So, why is robotics on the rise? This is mainly because factories are starting to become smarter. Companies (especially manufacturers) are investing millions of dollars in automation. Whether it is the food industry or automobile manufacturing, there is an irreplaceable spot for robots. By enrolling in a robotic course, you will understand your potential demand in this industry. It is big and is extremely lucrative!



The right free online robotic course

free online robotic course

If you are planning to enroll in an online robotic course, you must choose the right domain! Robotics can be broken into a variety of streams. You have machine learning, machine design, AI and more. Always choose an area you are strong in. For example, do you excel in design and creative building? If yes, choose machine design. Machine design is where you build the robot, step by step. This is one of the most interesting robotic courses around.

Few other robotic courses to choose would be:

  • Mechanical engineering: In these courses, you will learn about building the physical body of the robot. This includes the assembly of actuators, motors and so on! Also, these courses will train you on how the robot will function in a real production setting. These courses pay close attention to physical operating rules and safety protocols, as well.
  • Electrical Engineering: This would be the nervous system of the robot. And, this is a very interesting robotic course, to begin with. These courses focus on low-level circuit programming, embedded systems, and control theory. If you are a control freak, you will find joy in these courses.
  • Computer science engineering: These courses will help you design the brain of the robot. How great does it feel? More and more engineers in the field of computer science are enrolling in free online robotic courses. This is a trend because computer science engineers are often exposed to topics like software, machine learning, and hardware that can be used in robotics.



With so many courses and so many free platforms, you can always take up one of these programs for the fun of it! You will learn so much, and even be motivated to start a career in robotics.

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