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Top Startups with Artificial Intelligence in Travel Industry

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The travel industry becomes very popular among many people these days. Many people are looking for the best system that can help them find the right travel solution for themselves. You can find some popular startup companies that focus on themselves in this industry. These companies are very popular for their artificial intelligence (AI) system for supporting the travel industry. This automatic system can help all customers find the cheapest and most comfortable hotel or airline for their needs. These companies are still developing some of the newest products and services for their customers.

1. Hopper


Hopper is based in Canada with total funding of more than $180 million. This company has an easy-to-use application that will use big data. This big data can be used to predict and also analyze the overall airfare from this industry. Hopper will provide all travelers with any important information for their needs. It has an automatic AI system that can offer the best deals on any flight. The system will notify all customers when the price of their favorite flights can reach the predicted lowest point. This company is still growing very rapidly in this travel industry.

2. Mezi

Many clients are happy when using the smart application from Mezi. This company focuses on the travel industry. It is a revolutionary travel startup company that is famous among many people from around the world. It can give a powerful AI assistant for any of your travel needs. When you want to travel to any other place, you can use the Mezi app for making it happen. You can book your hotel, flight, and any other travel deals when using this app. Its smart app can also handle your online check-in, reschedule process, and also an on-the-ground guide for you.

3. Boxever

This is another startup company that is using an artificial intelligence system for improving the overall clients’ experience. This company has a powerful customer intelligence system for any marketers. It is going to use a powerful AI system for gathering all necessary information from any text-based or verbal communication. Many hotels and flights are using this system for giving the best-personalized service for their customers. It can be a perfect tool that can be used by all business owners who want to create human touch to all of their clients.

4. Lola Travel

Lola travel

This startup company is very famous among many travelers who want to enjoy a unique travel experience. It is very easy to use its application that is offered by this company. This app is going to use its new artificial intelligence system. When you use this mobile app, you can take a look at any personalized hotel and flight options based on your preferences and needs. All business travelers are very interested in using the best app from this company. It is very easy and comfortable for you to use this app from Lola Travel. This company is based in the United States with more than $40 million in funding. This funding is specially created to help this company grow quickly in this industry.

5. Flyr

Many people are interested in using the best and smartest app from this startup company. It is a travel planning service company that is suitable for all travelers. You can use this app when you want to predict the air travel prices by using its unique machine learning technology. Its platform has many useful features for all customers. Its artificial intelligence system can predict when the price is going to up or down based on the demand and supply on the market. This app will guarantee that you can get the best deals for any flights you have for your travel activity.

6. Roxy

If we are talking about the best startup company in the travel industry, we should never forget the Roxy company. This company is very well-known for its intelligent and conversational devices. All hotels and local business owners are able to install the app from Roxy for offering the best experience for all customers. This app is able to offer the best information and services for all customers. Its artificial intelligence system will be updated regularly, in order to offer the best experience for all customers of any hotels or local businesses.

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