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Top Startup Companies in Machine Learning System

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Artificial Intelligence is an important thing these days. Many people are using this system for supporting their daily tasks. This system can accelerate any progress in your job. You will be able to find some companies that are focusing their businesses in this industry. There are some popular startup companies in the machine learning system. This article will share some of the most famous machine learning startup companies that are available today. These companies are popular because their systems are very applicable to any type of business or activity. You will enjoy using any systems or products from these companies.

1. Ablacon

It is one of the most famous startup companies in the medical industry. This is a fascinating startup company that focuses its business on the premier machine intelligence system. This system is specially created to understand and treat any diseases related to the atrial fibrillation (AF) condition. The technology of this system is able to visualize what is going on in your heart. The system will compute the electrographic flow, so doctors are able to treat the atrial fibrillation quickly and accurately. There are many other products that are offered by this reliable startup company.

2. Biofourmis


This is a fast-growing health tech startup company that is available now. This company creates the best system for monitoring all remote patients accurately. The system is going to combine machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and also real-time monitoring. Its platform is able to detect any personalized patterns that can be used to predict the overall health condition. This machine-learning health monitoring device can create leading indicators for any potential health deterioration. This system is able to detect any unwanted diseases before they happen. The system will offer immediate alerts to medical professionals, so they can act fast for helping their patients.

3. Cinnamon

This company is very well-known for its machine learning system. This company is integrating the AI techniques and also a machine learning system, in order to streamline all mundane tasks for automating all data extraction from the unstructured documents. This automatic system is very useful for all clients. It is commonly used by many insurance and banking companies. All clients are able to attain up to 85% to 100% accuracy by using its machine learning technique and AI system. The company is located in Vietnam and Tokyo. There are a lot of new customers from around the world, including the Japan Credit Bureau, Showa Denko, Kansai Electic Power, and any other enterprises.

4. CrowdStrike

This is another popular startup company in the machine learning system. This startup company has the best method and technique that can detect any IT network threats as soon as possible. This security system is very popular in the cybersecurity industry today. Its Falcon platform is able to stop breaches by finding all attack types, malware-free intrusions, offering five-second visibility on all current endpoint activity. This company also has a real-time data analytic system for detecting and preventing any threats on the network.

5. Alation

Alation offers the best machine learning data catalog for everyone. This system can help people understand, find, and also trust any data from their organizations. This company is able to find the best solution for everyone with specific needs of any dominant personas, including chief data officers, stewards, analysts, and also IT engineering. Its data catalog is very well-known for its intuitive design and usability. There are more than 100 organizations that are using this system, including Pfizer, Munich Re, eBay, the City of San Diego, etc. There are some investors who are investing in this company, for example, Icon Ventures, Harmony Partners, Salesforce Ventures, Sapphire Ventures, DCVC, and Costanoa Ventures.

6. Dataiku

This company has the best Data Science Studio platform. This platform is very useful to aggregate all process steps required to transform raw data to become data-driven applications. When using this platform, everyone can get a lot of benefits to their businesses. This workspace is specially designed to be interactive, intuitive, and also capable of reducing the load cycles. Many customers are happy with the platform from this startup company, for example, GE, Palo Alto Networks, FOX News Group, Unilever, SAP/CallidusCloud, etc. Dataiku will ensure all clients to get the best opportunity for their businesses.

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