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Top startup Companies in Logistics

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The supply chain and logistics industry become very popular among many people today. Many people want to send any items to other parties via their favorite logistic providers. There are a lot of online marketplace sites that you can find on the Internet today. These sites are very helpful in increasing the overall growth rate of any logistic startups on the market these days. Here are some popular startup companies that focus their businesses on logistics.

1. Flexport

It is a startup company that is very popular among many customers today. It is a famous freight forwarding software company that comes with a full vision of digitalizing the shipment process. It has more than $1 billion investment that is invested by SoftBank Vision Fund. This funding is specially created to encourage the development of this startup company. Its main vision is to provide high quality end-to-end logistic services for all customers.

2. Nuro

This is another popular startup company in the logistics industry. It is a US-based startup company that focuses on the autonomous delivery vehicle. One of the most popular devices from this company is the R1. It is an electric local delivery vehicle that can operate without human. Its driverless system can be very interesting for many business owners from around the world. This company has already partnered with the largest American grocery retailer, Kroger. Softbank Group has an investment in this company for more than $940 million. Its self-driving last-mile delivery system is very popular among many people today.

3. C3IoT

If you are looking for the best startup company in logistic industry, you should take a look at this company. This company has a good reputation as the creator of manufacture tracking sensors and also asset tagging system. It has a powerful artificial intelligence system and also IoT technology. This technology can increase the overall delivery speed, optimize inventory, and also predict failures very quickly. This company also specializes itself in the predictive analytics and also cloud computing system. Because this company offers a lot of useful features for all customers, it is able to attract investment from Microsoft.

4. Cargomatic

There are two main investors that are behind this startup company, including Canaan and also Genesee Wyoming Inc. This startup company is very passionate about connecting all shippers with any customers. This company has a real-time tracking platform on the fleet management and trucking marketplace. This app is available in both the Android and iOS systems. It offers a powerful GPS tracking system for supporting your needs. There are some services that are offered by this company, including drayage services at the ports, full truckload, and also less-than-truckload service.

5. LFS

LFS (Logistical Forwarding Solutions) is a popular startup company in the logistics industry. They can help in starting trucking companies and provide you dedicated routes with Freight. Many of their partnered trucking companies are operating New Equipment with them building into Territory Dedicated Freight Routes and they also provide freight broker training courses for over 18 years. Each year they continue to improve and make their freight broker training unique. Their focus is to help learn how to take the knowledge and turn it into a realistic income by moving freight loads consistently.

6. ShipChain

It is a famous blockchain logistics startup that is available on the market today. Its blockchain technology is specially created to offer a coordinated solution for all customers. This technology can be used to secure shipping, boost transparency and trust, and also offer a smart transportation environment. This company is very well-known for its blockchain documentation system. This system is able to minimize loss risk and fraud very effectively. Its track and trace platform is very comfortable for all users in this logistic industry.

7. ClearMetal

This is another popular startup company that focuses on the logistics industry. This company is very famous for its system that can be used to track any order shipments around the world. All customers are able to choose any carriers that have timely and dependable services. Its platform can also give delay estimations for all customers. The main purpose of this application is to provide logistics and supply chain analytics. You can get access to its easy-to-use and organized data for improving the efficiency of your logistics solution.

8. Commonsense Robotics

If we are talking about the best startup company in logistic industry, you can take a look at this company. This company is very popular for its powerful system that can digitalize the warehousing system. There are some robots that are offered b this company. These robots can be very suitable for any micro-fulfillment centers on the market. This startup company is based in Israel. It is specially created to improve the overall online customer efficiency. Its product is a perfect solution for urban areas.

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