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Best Robotic Startup Companies

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Robotic technology becomes very popular among many people today. This modern technology can help you do any of your daily tasks every day. It is able to be used in almost every industry, from manufacturing, healthcare, education, defense, and many other types of industries. There are a lot of new startup companies that are working in this industry. They usually combine the best science and engineering process, in order to create the best and most innovative robotic products for their clients. This article will share some of the best robotic startup companies that are growing so rapidly these days.

1. Canvas Technology

Canvas technology

This startup company is located in Boulder, Colorado. It focuses on creating the best robot for logistics and industrial purposes. CANVAS creates an autonomous robotic cart that can be used on the factory floors and manufacturing plants. This robotic cart is equipped with stereo cameras that have the best full 3D video from the ceiling to the floors. There are some sensors that are specially added to this cart, in order to improve the sensitivity of the robot. Its bright LED lights can alert people when this robotic cart moves around. This device can collect and send real-time data about bottlenecks, route times, and any other factors that may impact the efficiency and safety.

2. Piaggio Fast Forward

It is one of the most popular companies under the Piaggio Group. This startup company has the best brand called Piaggio Fast Forward. This company is dedicated to creating a lightweight mobility solution for both goods and people. Gita, the dedicated robot from this company, is a mobile carrier that can be used to follow people around. This robotic device is able to carry up to 45 pounds. Therefore, this device can be used to carry everything, for example, groceries, heavy books, packages, and any other heavy objects easily.

3. Sphero

This is another popular startup company that focuses itself on creating the best robotic ball. This company has a world-famous app-enabled automatic robotic ball. This ball can be used in any classroom around the world. When you want to control the movement and all other features from this robotic ball, you can use its original Sphero Edu app. This app can be used to program all features in this robot easily. This company also has other products, including Sphero 2.0 and Sphero Mini, which is called as Ollie and Darkside. Both robotic balls can be used for education purposes.

4. Diligent Robotics

If you are looking for the best startup company in the robotic industry, you can look at this company. This company has a special automatic robot called Moxi. This device can be left alone for doing any time-consuming logistical tasks in the hospitals. This robot can setup patient rooms and also restock the supply rooms accurately. Moxi has a good ability to navigate all hospital hallways and any other tight spaces. This robot also has a good social intelligence that can be combined perfectly with its LED eyes that are located on its head.

5. Anybots


This is a popular startup company in the robotics industry. This company is located in San Jose, California. It has a powerful robot that comes with a speaker, a camera, and also a video screen. This robot can serve as the best remote avatar that can be controlled via a browser-based interface. You can control the movement and function of this robot, although you are far away from this robot. This robot also has live video streaming capacity. You can simply use your own computer’s keyboard when you want to move around this robot to your favorite places.


This startup company is located in Seattle, Washington. This company focuses its robot in the energy, aerospace, and also hardware industry. Its robot is able to explore vehicles, storage tanks, and any other things while sending the data to you immediately. The Guardian S Robot is one of the most popular types of robots from this company. This robot can tackle any tough terrains, such as stairs or pipes easily. The Guardian GT is another recommended robot that is offered by the SARCOS company. This type of robot is made to some heavy tasks, such as welding and heavy lifting. This Guardian GT robot is able to be used in logistic and humanitarian uses.

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