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Top Reasons Why Memes Tend To Go Viral More than Other Kinds of Social Media Content 

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There are many reasons why brands love memes. In an increasingly crowded world, it is becoming difficult to get posts on social media noticed by the target audience. With their saucy approach and often funny interpretations of trending events and subjects, memes can act to cut through the clutter, make social media users stop in their tracks, and enjoy a good laugh.

Somewhere in this process, you can reinforce the brand image and develop a better connection with your target audience. Because memes are intrinsically funny, most people who enjoy the joke are inclined to share it with others. Because of this, memes have a higher propensity to go viral, which is great for your brand exposure. Some of the top reasons for memes to become so popular that they become viral:

Universal Appeal

With their simple structure comprising a funny image made funnier with a witty comment or, memes are understood very quickly, especially when the cultural context is not alien. Memes cover a vast range of subjects, the only qualification is that they should be topical and trending so that there’s more chance of social media users pausing to look and chuckle.

However, if you want, you can be original and take a swing with your brand of humor on just about anything on earth, observes a Meme Scout designer. You need to ensure that your target audience understands it and can relate to it. While Gen Z particularly favors memes with their distrust of conventional advertising, other age groups too have taken to memes for their refreshing take on various aspects of life.

Standout Creativity Encourages Sharing

Standout creativity encourages sharing memes

There is a feeling that social media users are waking up every new day to more of the same. Even though visually brilliant, there are only so many times you can appreciate the perfectly composed food platter on a restaurant table or palm trees on an exotic sunny beach. Memes are great for breaking this mold. Agreed, some of the posts may not be your idea of beauty, but they do grab your attention because they do not look like the rest of the stuff in your feed.

Often ugliness is deliberately infused into the visual to make them stand out in your feed. The addition of humor can be irresistible for people who like nothing better to have a good laugh and feel that they are part of an exclusive group on the inside of the sometimes subtle humor.

What encourages engagement and sharing of memes is that they are easily relatable and based on popular culture that most of the audience is familiar with. According to the Thought Co. whether a meme will go viral or not depends on factors like ease of replication, fecundity, and longevity.


In addition to the above, one of the most compelling reasons for memes to go viral is their topicality. The creators of memes pick the most recent events as the basis of their memes because they are confident, they will attract attention. The trick is to spot the trends early and capitalize on them because the typical life cycle of memes can often be brief.

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