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Top Online Shopping Sites in Malaysia

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Malaysia has a dynamic economy and also developed infrastructures for digital technology. Therefore, this country will be an attractive market for the eCommerce industry in Southeast Asia. There are a lot of online marketplace sites that are available in this country. Many Malaysian people are familiar with purchasing any products on the Internet. The growth of total online sales in this country is growing from time to time. The internet users in Malaysia is more than 25 million people. Here are some popular online shopping sites that offer their great services for all customers in Malaysia.

1. Hermo

There are a lot of good reviews about this famous online store in Malaysia. This is a special e-commerce store in this country. Hermo.my is a famous leader in the beauty and cosmetic industry. This company has already started its business since 2012. Hermo MNY is one of the most popular Malaysian companies that you can find on the Internet today. Its main headquarter is located in Johor Bahru. This company offers some popular cosmetic brands for all customers, such as I’m Meme, AHC, Naruko, Yadah, and any other popular brands. These brands are famous for their incredible cosmetics and other makeup products that are made from high-quality ingredients.

2. Go Shop

This is another famous online store that you can find in Malaysia. Go Shop is going to bring the best retail experience for all customers.  You can have a comfortable home shopping experience by using its online platform. This online platform is available 24 hours a day, so you can purchase any of your favorite products from this online shopping site easily. Go Shop provides a wide variety of products, including electronic appliances, home accessories, kitchen products, fashion accessories, beauty, fitness, and any other products.

3. 11Street Malaysia

It is an online marketplace that offers a lot of interesting products for all customers in Malaysia. 11Street is a famous online department store that has a lot of retailers who want to sell their products on the Internet. It was created in 2014. This is a joint venture company between the Malaysian mobile telecommunications group Celcom Axiata with the SK Planet. SK Planet is the owner of the original 11Street site originated from South Korea. There are some exclusive deals that are specially created for all Malaysian people today. You can save a lot of money when purchasing any products from this site.

4. Lelong.my

This website is very famous among many Malaysian people today. Its monthly traffic is estimated at about 3.5 million visitors. Lelong.my is a famous e-commerce marketplace for both C2C and B2C transactions. It is operated by the Malaysian company Interbase Resources Sdn Bhd. This company was founded in 1998 as the auction website. Since then, this company has already been expanded to become a general online marketplace site in Malaysia today. It is easy for you to find any of your favorite products from this site now. There are a lot of new products that are introduced on this website every day.

5. Superbuy Malaysia

If you want to buy any of your favorite products on the Internet, you should never forget about this site. Superbuy is a famous online shopping mall that is available in Malaysia. You can buy a vast range of products at a very affordable price. When you visit its website, you can also read reviews from other customers before you decide to purchase any products from this Superbuy Malaysia. This website offers some popular product categories, such as automotive and industrial, sports and outdoors, toys, games, books, arts, collectible items, and any other products. This website site also offers loans for all customers who want to purchase any products from this site.

6. Nile Malaysia

If you want to find a good online shopping site in Malaysia, you can take a look at this site. This is a Malaysian online shopping platform that is famous among many Malaysian people today. It carries different products that are ranging from books, fashionable products, accessories, household goods, and any other products. This website guarantees that it will offer the lowest price in this country. All products are protected by their low price guarantee. When you find cheaper products on other sites, you can get a refund for the difference.

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