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Top four types of customers

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There is no universal strategy on how a business should approach its customers. Every website is visited by an interesting range of customers. Most of them have unique qualities and a different way of evaluating products. When you put together a marketing strategy, it is important to understand the different types of customers, who can increase your ROI. Based on these types, you need to modify your marketing methods. Also, you need to re-consider your sales strategy based on the different types of customers.

Potential customers

The potential customers are required to kick-starting your sales funnel. Technically, these customers are not your true clients. Yet, you need to treat them right to gain business. And, if you succeed in doing this, you will see a good return on investment. Many times, customer needs someone who can guide them through a decision. If they have visited your website, it means that they are interested in doing business with you. And, if they choose to fill the newsletter, and raise questions – they are truly fascinated about your work. Never miss these customers. Always delight them with your best offerings.

New Customer!

New customer

The moment a person chooses to buy from you – they become a new customer. Just like a potential customer, you need to treat the new customer with utmost care and concern. Ensure that all their doubts are clarified. Also, you need to give them a reason to spread news about your venture. According to recent stats, more than 80% of revenue seen by businesses is from their existing customers. So, every new customer is a fortune!

Impulsive Customers

Most of the time, you will come across the impulsive customers. These are people who have the ability to make quick decisions. But, their decisions will be positive only if the environment is correct. Undeniably, these types of customers are very easy to convince. You don’t have to spend lots of time warming up your relationship with them. Instead, make the reasons to buy your products clear. Also, you need to offer concise help.

Online business owners need to offer these customers a clear checkout procedure too.

Discount customer

As suggested by its name, these types of customers always choose products and services based on the deals and discounts. If you are willing to give a hefty reward, the chances of attracting these customers is high. In fact, these customers wouldn’t engage in business with you, unless you give them a good deal!

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