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Top 8 Digital Experience Platforms In 2023

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Digital technologies in 2023 will guide a business to choose the best strategies for creating a better experience for customers. They will play a key role in streamlining the operations of a company with high success rates. Customer satisfaction is an important pillar for a business because it lets helps grow in the market. A business should select the best digital experience platforms while offering services to customers. This is because they provide methods to establish a reputation significantly. Customer experience management allows a business to improve customer satisfaction and it should select the right tools.

What are some digital experience platforms to choose from in 2023?

1. Freshdesk

Freshdesk digital experience platform

Freshdesk is one of the best customer experience software available for a business. This is because it suits any size of business that provides stellar support. Some of the features offered by the software include AI-powered chatbots, built-in automation capabilities, intelligent ticket assignment, time-tracking, etc. The primary advantage of using this software is that it converts requests which come through different channels. Moreover, a business can customize the platform workflows, portals, etc.

2. Medallia

Medallia digital experience platform

Medallia is a powerful AI-powered software platform that lets a business gather customer feedback and other things. This will help implement a business plan based on the feedback data. Another thing is that it integrates with current applications thereby showing ways to obtain optimal results. Apart from this, it uses deep learning that enables a brand to meet all actionable suggestions.

3. HubSpot Service Hub

Hubspot service hub digital experience platform

HubSpot Service Hub is the best platform for small enterprises and businesses because most features are free. It is available in 7 different languages apart from English. The platform provides to connect with customers through live chat, email, and phone. Furthermore, it has a user-friendly interface that helps a business turn customers into promoters.

4. Podium

Podium digital experience platform

The Podium software platform allows a business to communicate with customers efficiently. It gives ways to pull messages from several channels to know the opinions and feedback of customers. The platform helps to respond to customers quickly and a business can choose a marketing strategy with unique ideas. With the Podium platform, it becomes easy to provide a great experience to both existing customers and future customers.

5. LiveAgent

Liveagent digital experience platform

LiveAgent is robust help desk software that comes with various features. It enables a business to increase customer satisfaction. It connects with apps, emails, and social media networks to target audience with effective strategies. Some of the features offered by the platform include native live chat, universal in-box, customer portals, mobile applications, etc. A business can eliminate long waiting periods with this platform.

6. Salesforce

Salesforce digital experience platform

Salesforce is one of the best digital experience platforms because it has a fully integrated CRM feature. Some of the features offered by the platform include scalability, flexibility, ease of implementation, robust analytical capabilities, etc. It helps gather useful data to select a business plan to increase customer engagement.

7. Zendesk

Zendesk digital experience platform

Zendesk is a scalable platform that offers features such as a helpdesk, live chatbot, call center, etc. It enables a business to target audience with a knowledge base, a ticketing system, and other things. The dashboard offered by the platform is easy to navigate and user-friendly which helps gain more advantages.

8. Zoho Desk

Zoho desk digital experience platform

Zoho Desk comes with advanced features and strong integration support that lets a business achieve better results. It is suitable for automatic repetitive processes which provide ways to select a marketing strategy accordingly. The tool is a perfect choice for communicating with customers across various channels with effective strategies. Besides, it enhances customer satisfaction by addressing the essential needs of a business.

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