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Top 6 New Technology Trends For 2022

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Gone are the days, when electronic devices used to be simple. Things have changed and technology has been evolving at a fast pace. In today’s information age, it has become important for every individual and organization alike to be with the changing trend. New technology when adopted can help increase profits, improve customer experiences and reduce costs. By 2030, it is predicted that internet connectivity will be benefitted by almost 50+ billion devices across the globe.

Top 6 technology trends to watch out in 2022

1. RPA (Robotic Process Automation):

Multiple applications and software is used by RPA to automate several business processes like customer service, data analysis/collection and various repetitive tasks. RPA helps automate jobs across diverse industries. About 5% jobs are currently automated that can be increased to 60% at least partially.

2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:

AI is presently among the leading technologies in 2022 and is evolving constantly. New applications are being introduced. Most popular applications are speech and image recognition, voice assistances like Alexa/Siri and navigation programs, etc. AI is also used to analyze business and customer interactions to identify triggers and derive insights.

Machine Learning is considered to be part of Artificial Intelligence. By 2025, ML and AI are likely to create 9% new jobs. This machinery learning is a trend to watch out for.

3. Quantum Computing:

Quantum computing

This computing type lays emphasis on creating computer technology based upon quantum theory principles. It explains material and energy behavior on subatomic and atomic levels. Calculations are performed based upon the object state’s probability before measurement rather than 0s and 1s. It can effortlessly analyze, query as well as take actions based upon derived data, irrespective of source. This industrial science did help develop new vaccines and prevent further spread of Covid-19 virus. When compared to normal computers, they are exponentially faster. By 2029, its market is likely to cross $2.5 billion.

4. Edge Computing:

From different sources, user information is collected by data points in millions. It includes web searches, emails, websites, social media, etc. With data amount collected increasing exponentially, other electronic devices such as cloud computing are found to fall short in numerous situations. Cloud computing is found to come with certain technological limitations that is covered by Edge Computing. The latter is used for processing time sensitive data especially in far-off locations either with no or limited connectivity. By 2022, its market share is likely to cross $6.72 billion.

5. IOT (Internet of Things):

Besides Artificial Intelligence, it is another promising technology. These days, multiple devices are wifi-enabled. It is rather a network of numerous connected devices. Network-based devices may communicate with one another and gather essential data. It is then transferred across network without requiring human intervention. A few applications from IoT consulting companies use smart devices that connect to your smartphone to track activity. You can also monitor home doors remotely or switch on/off applications. It can be used to carry out monitoring activities especially in remote locations. It also helps predict when any machinery is likely to malfunction so as to take corrective measures, before things complicate.

6. Blockchain:

It is among the top industrial science introduced popularized due to Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and the kind of security it offers. It is data that can be added to, not alter or take away. Several data sections form a ‘chain, thereby deriving the name, ‘Blockchain’. It is highly secure technology. No third-party is required to oversee transactions.

You need to carry out research on the current technology trends and determine which ones to adopt for your business.Look into online news sites so you can always be privy to any updates in technology.The right choice can help your business to be on the top of your competitors.

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