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Top 10 Customer Service Software Platforms For 2022

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The truth is there exists different types of software for online business. Not all of them will fit all needs. It becomes essential to select something that fits perfectly your customer support representatives. These are tools to collect, respond to, organize and report on requests made by customers. The system can be used to manage single or multiple communication channels. It includes self-service, messaging, live chat and email. Also can be integrated external communications tools such as group chat or social media systems. Cloud-based software can ensure more efficient and faster customer support allowing service agents to work using the same tool.

Top Customer Service Software

1. HelpDocs:

Helpdocs customer service software

It best supports standalone knowledge bases. Self-service options are being increasingly focused upon these days as it is affordable. 67% users prefer using self-service tools. Customers using knowledge bases can find answers without any help, thus deriving faster resolution and fewer tickets for the team to handle.

2. Help Scout:

Help scout customer service software

Learning and establishing a new tool can be a tough task for growing teams with less time or budgets. Hence, there is desired sophisticated all-in-one software that is flexible, can be established and operated quickly. Help Scout offers amazing experience for support team and customers as well as effortless social media integration.

3. Aircall:

Aircall customer service software

Large and small businesses do require software to enable proper call centre support. Aircall offers complex solutions. Customers mostly prefer to talk to a live representative to troubleshoot tough issues. This software offers diverse plans to suit different-sized team. The plan includes essential phone support like IVR, call queuing, establishing custom business hours, etc.

4. Olark:

Olark customer service software

This software is termed to be the very best to support standalone live chat. It allows real-time communication with customers and also is affordable. It offers wide range of features like smart automations, robust analytics, team management, etc. Implementing this Marketing Strategy is a wonderful strategy as it helps avail desired features and skip unwanted ones, thereby saving money.

5. Freshdesk:

Freshdesk customer service software

Enterprise teams favor this using this software. There are two support offerings. One helps cover omnichannel support and the other a useful help-desk solution. Plan tiers are offered in both. However, help-desk solution is quite affordable and desired by most small online business.

6. Zendesk:

Zendesk customer service software

This ticketing system helps manage effortlessly customer conversations. Al plans offer managing Facebook, Twitter and email conversations. High-cost plans allow chat and phone conversation management. Larger teams can benefit from using this software. This is because of the product’s relative complexity, overall cost, resources desired for initial establishment, etc.

7. Helpshift:

Helpshift customer service software

It offers mobile app-based support and social media integration. In-app support is generally offered in chat application form. This software focuses mainly in offering in-app support especially for mobile devices. Its use-based, flexible pricing structure ensures you pay for only those features used.

8. Text-Em-All:

Text em all customer service software

It helps automate phone communications. Mobile-based mass communication can be costly and time-consuming, however a necessity. This dedicated tool comes with transparent pricing. It offers a cost calculator using which costs can be calculated effortlessly. Also is provided top-notch support and user-friendly interface.

9. Salesforce Service Cloud:

Salesforce service cloud customer service software

It offers support to teams using Slack. Being among the best sales CRM tool, it also offers a wonderful customer support platform, Service Cloud. Salesforce Service Cloud can help send across automated responses through SMS to FAQs over WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and SMS.

10. HubSpot Service Hub:

Hubspot service hub customer service software

This software is an excellent choice for those large businesses who have already implemented HubSpot in their Marketing Strategy. It combines channels and customer service data at a single place. Thus, support team can get assistance via self-service and automation. There are numerous plans with varying price options.

11. Tidio:

Tidio is a customer service software offering in-app support for mobile devices. It provides a mobile app-based support system with chat application integration, making it easy for businesses to engage with customers in real time. With social media integration, companies can address customer concerns on various platforms. One of the best things about Tidio is its use-based, flexible pricing structure. You only pay for the features you use, ensuring you get the most value.

First, identify your business-specific requirements and accordingly select the best Customer Service Software available.

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