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What Costs are Involved in Obtaining CPD Accreditation?

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Continuing Professional Development, CPD, refers to the learning programs that practitioners participate in to further and grow their skills. And the costs of these policies and programs are becoming increasingly significant as many academic bodies implement CPD schemes to promote and facilitate professional growth and competence amongst their representatives.

We’ll look at the cost of CPD accreditation, both financially and in terms of time, as well as the advantages it provides.

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The CPD Standards Office

The CPD Standards Office is an internationally recognised provider of CPD accreditation, accrediting tons of companies around the world to issue accreditation points for their professional development which benefits both the employer and employee.

They offer low-cost accreditation, assisting many companies in obtaining their coveted CPD certification. They offer a variety of member accredited certification prices to meet individual and company needs.

Vast numbers of courses and activities have been accredited by their internationally recognized badge, with hundreds of thousands of professionals seeking qualified CPD events.

Their certification fee includes the assurance that you will be a recognized provider of CPD certified training at the highest level, based on the world’s largest research project.

What Is The Cost of This Accreditation?

The accreditation cost ranks at £495. CPD Standards Office offers several costs of continuing professional development accreditation to match a wide range of membership fees to meet the training needs. This low-cost accreditation will provide your company with a certificate that allows you to award certification points for your approved training programs.

What Is The Cost of CPD Accreditation

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Their accreditation fee represents their team’s awareness and experience with CPD accreditation. They may be the only certification agency for this program that is focused on research, which gives them prestige over other accreditation providers since they are purely evidence-based.

What Are The Fees For Accreditation?

They offer a range of subscription models to meet the needs of your company, whether you’re a sole trader or a multi-billion-pound corporation.

The cost of accreditation will then be decided at your initial consultation with either of their accreditation consultants, during which time they will address the most cost-effective plan for your company’s needs.

The advisor will ask you a series of predetermined questions to develop a better understanding of your company and work with you to choose the right membership level. Once you’ve determined the best subscription model and accreditation rate, they’ll help you finish the application process and take the next steps toward becoming an approved CPD provider.

What Is The Duration Of My Accreditation?

CPD Standards Office accreditation contract is for two years. After the first two years, you will be hired on a one-year rolling contract.

You will have to pay the accreditation fees for the first year, in which you will be given a different invoice for each subsequent year. They offer a variety of payment options for accreditation fees, including a 10x monthly direct debit or an annual charge.

How to Obtain Accreditation for Your Organization

You must apply your full application and documentation for assessment after you have registered with them and paid your certification fee. An Assessment Team analyses the framework of your operation and examines all of your learning materials and supporting documentation.

Following the completion of this evaluation, you will be given guidance to assist and encourage you in developing your CPD behaviors in order to ensure that they meet the requirements of their high standard. This is all included in the price of your accreditation.

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How Long Would It Take For The Accreditation To Be Completed?

For their evaluation, they have two options:

SWIFT – You will get your full badge and documentation within 14 days of submitting your full application for an extra fee. If you prefer this choice, speak with your Accreditation Advisor during your call.

ROUTINE – You will obtain your accreditation, which includes your badge and records, within 30 working days of submitting your full application. The number of events submitted determines this. For the routine alternative, there is no additional charge.

What Are The Advantages Of Obtaining This Accreditation?

When you sign up to become an approved provider with CPD Standards Office, you’ll get a lot of advantages that are included in the cost of accreditation. Becoming a member of their esteemed group provides you with more than just a seal of approval; it also allows you to network with other accredited CPD providers and take advantage of a variety of other benefits that are included in the cost of your certification.

You receive far more than a badge of certification and logo once you become certified. You join their Standards Group, which includes over 900 other certified providers. With its vast network of links to membership organizations, employers, and colleges, this society is becoming stronger by the day.


When you understand the costs involved in getting this program’s accreditation, you can have a plan and work towards it. This guide shows not just the financial costs but also how much time will be spent on your accreditation, it also contains the variety of benefits you stand to gain when you receive your accreditation from The CPD Standards Office.

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