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Home Tips Top Four On-Page SEO Techniques for 2020

Top Four On-Page SEO Techniques for 2020

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way of improving your online rank. As a result, more number of visitors will reach your website. If you want to become a prominent name in the online world, you should invest plenty of time and effort into search engine optimization. With proper SEO techniques, your website will not be seen by online users. To be more precise, it will be impossible to divert traffic to your website without optimization.

There are two different types of search engine optimization methods: on-page and off-page optimization. In this short post, you will read about On-page SEO.

So, let’s get started …



#1 Quality Content

Quality Content for on page SEO

First things first, you must stick to high-quality content. A lot of novice web developers take content for granted. This is a fatal move. It is important to add interesting, unique and novel content on your website. Even if you are re-inventing a wheel, you must ensure that the content is both interesting and authentic. Without engaging materials, online visitors will choose some other site over yours. It would be a matter of a few seconds before they find something more interesting. In fact, Google has algorithms to reduce the ranks of websites with poor content.

#2 The Title

The Title for on page seo

One of the first few things an online visitor would see on your website is the title. This is why the title plays a crucial role in search engine optimization.

Moreover, search engines rely on the title to crawl into websites. If you want Google to spot your website, your title should be compelling and relevant. If your title is not appropriate, Google will never find it. At all times, the keywords should be kept at the start.

#3 How Big is your content?

content length

Quantity plays a vital role in search engine optimization. Content that ranges between 2000 and 2500 words are more likely to gain traffic than those between 500 and 1000 words. This is why content writers are always encouraged to draft lengthy, high quality and detailed posts.

Tip of the day: Never include un-meaningful content on your website to increase the word count. Instead, stick to quality at all costs.

#4 The URL

website URL

Finally, you must be careful about your website’s URL. Try to make the URL as short as possible. Also, include your primary keywords in the URL. That way, Google and online visitors will be able to understand what your website is all about (even before landing on the home page).

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